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The Art of W.W.T.(a website) Answered

(Sorry for any confusion ahead of time, but anyway...)

My website Whales With Thumbs (whaleswiththumbs.webs.com) has alitle bit of art already:
My avatar was the origonal image for it and now it is the first image below. besides that thats about it( i said alittle i meant barely anything) Both of the images were put together with Ms Paint i got the thumbs up one for free of the internet(they are cool with it)

Now with the side story out of the way i was wondering if anyone out there would care to help me out, I need some art for my website:
*I need a source of some, atleast decent, art about every Monday (Original please)
*OR* Just for some people to post some art the don't mind me using and when it is used(if it is that is, is) I will give full credit and a link to the page of your choosing.

Sorry can't really pay anyone so free-er the better(you can pay me i'll take it) My mediocre art skill art that fabulous anyway. Also if someone is willing to make a new logo for me i'll give them credit and link for that.