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The "Ask a Question" feature activity is down ( substantialy LESS ) in recent memory Answered

There used to be a lot more traffic activity in this  Ask a Question  area of instructables.

Since changing the access to this feature there has a marked decrease of new adult questions !
Now we mostly see many youngster Padawan electricians and some old guard members.

Maybe the old access button could be returned to the more prominent position of years ago.
That would please me.:-)

Maybe I am venting about a trend due to expanding social media.

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The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.

7 years ago

It's never been a massively-busy area. Most questions could be answered in the forums.


Reply 7 years ago


But I recall a time when (SF USA time) evenings there were 10 to 15 new questions
Now sadly there are only two or three.

BTW one of your countrymen steveastrouk has over thousand Best Answers
I'm only up to a third of that.

P.S...... Naturally point to a situation and get immediately proven wrong !!
There are 10 questions on the board in the last 24 hrs ( go figure :-)