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The Bare Conductive Touch Board is LIVE on Kickstarter Answered

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that our Touch Board is up on Kickstarter, make sure to check it out! You guys have done such amazing stuff with our Electric Paint, we can't wait to see what you do with the Touch Board. 

The Touch Board is a way to turn almost any surface into an interface.In the last two years, you have have shown us that there is a real interest in developing unexpected interactions with our Electric Paint among other materials. We decided to make the electronics a whole lot simpler by developing the Touch Board. It is an Arduino-compatible board with a specific capacitive sensing chip and an MP3/MIDI player on board. Check out the Kickstarter page for all the details.

There is a ton of cool stuff about the board, but it basically boils down to three points:

Radical Interfaces: The Touch Board uses capacitive sensing to turn any conductive material into an interface. Imagine light switches painted on the wall with our Electric Paint, interactive books or hidden sensors that can detect a whole person. The Touch board can also be used to create distance sensors which work from up to 20cm away - which is as cool as it sounds.

No Programming Required: We'll be shipping the Touch Boards pre-programmed to turn touch into sound so all you'll need to do is plug in a micro USB cable or LiPo (we've built in onboard charging) and a speaker and you're ready to go. Touch any one of the electrodes and the MP3/MIDI player will play the associated track from the supplied microSD card. Changing the sounds is as simple as changing the card.

Arduino-compatible: We wanted to make sure that this board was easy to use and had as wide an audience as possible so we based it off an Arduino Leonardo. It can be programmed in the Arduino IDE, it works with most shields and it can act as an HID. We're proud to say that we're part of the new Arduino at Heart program. Working with Arduino has been great and they're fully behind the Touch Board.

Check out our campaign for a lot more info and let us know what you'd make with the Touch Board!

THANKS! - Bare Conductive


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