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The Boy Mechanic, c1930 Free for download Answered


the following is OCR text from the scanned book, the link above shows 3 items, books one and two, the first item, from Project Gutenberg is a duplicate of one or two, but not worth downloading. 700 projects, which can be updated to use modern materials and used as the basis of an Instructable. I guess from memory the book is from the 1930's as I have an original edition I bought second hand from a library in the '60s.

Pcoject Gutenbenj's The Boy Hechanic: Volume i, by Populat Mechanics This eEoot is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and uith almost; no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy ^'^r give it auay oc re-use it under the terns of the Project Gutenberg License included uith this eBool! oc online at huh. gutenberg.net Title; The Boy Mechanic; Volume 1 700 Things For Boys To Do Author: Popular Mechanics



9 years ago

The content of these books is pure gold.

I've been looking for these books online since I saw them at a macabre store a few years back. I should have bought them then, but this is just as good.

I can't seem to get the second link on the site to work, it just dumps me to a google page, but the first and last link (books 1 and 2) work great.

What a great find!

Lateral Thinkermikeasaurus

Reply 9 years ago

If you end up on Google Books, dont waste your time, and get out.

As long as you got a book 1 and 2.

The second link is a duplicate book one, you will find lots of duplicates on the Internet Archive (IA), sometimes a volunteer will post a scan of a incomplete book, then somebody has a better copy. But in this case Google got their own copy, and cross linked to the IA. The IA created the other formats, from Google's PDF. A lot of Googles stuff, you only get to view a sample, then you pay for a print copy.

There is a lot of anger expressed with Google, on the Text Archive Forum, for grabbing old books, and putting restrictions on.



(let me know if they fail, they lead to where I am reading now, use the symbol on the reading page, to go full width, then F11 for the browser to go full screen. My video card can rotate 90 degrees what i see on screen, I am thinking of turning a LCD on its side, to get a better reading experience.

Those above book links can ONLY be read on line, all the old Popular Mechanics and Popular Science Magazines back to their day one, that can be located (some still missing) up to very rtecent copies, Popular Scenice mayber just a year old but PMM not so recent. Google got permission from the publishers. You can not download to keep, but there is a workaround, hard work, only for a single page or articale. Let me know if you want. I got a forum here on instuiables for Asperigers people, I think it is mentioned there, and may be some more books

I have not uploaded any books to the archive yet, but my first one will be the Boy Electrician from 1940. I am waiting to hear from a volunteer copyright expert about it, but Gerry has been off line for a week, he had a heart operation recently, went home, it appears there have been complications.

I have got maybe 200 issues of PSM and PMM back to the 1930s which i will be digitising and posting to the IA once my own health improves.

The following link, will search for all my uploads, you might want to book mark it (anybody can) and watch for my new uploads.



LaralLateral Thinker

Reply 3 years ago

I agree 100%. You can no longer download scanned ebooks that are public domain on Googlebooks. You have to jump through hoops just to get max res images of single pages to download. These books are not even for sale so what's the point? Reading them online is virtually impossible.

I find everything about Google to be a study in incompetence, illogic, and greed.

Did you ever digitize those Popular Science mags?

Lateral Thinker

9 years ago

The Internet Archive runs on donations.

Volunteers digitise and upload what they have, in their own time.

One day, we will finish.