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The Bravery of Being Out of Range: A Technological Revolution Answered

The 18th century gave us the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Purpose-built factories for the new industries such as iron and textiles. New and improved methods of transportation, communication and production. It changed the way people lived / worked and it created / inspired a lot of what we still see and use today.

This revolution had its negatives too. Jobs were lost to the industrial machines that did it better and faster, the poor and the working classes often had to endure grim living and working conditions. The black gold mined from underground, fuelled our thirst for advancement.

Now in the 21st century, we are in the midst of the Technological Revolution. Ubers, drone deliveries, driverless cars and trucks, AI, Google, Facebook, Amazon Alexa, unmanned military vehicles, war by remote control and the bravery of being out of range.

The drones, AI, robots and automation may not only take away our jobs, but potentially the need to leave the house or to have any real-world face to face interactions. They could re-define our lives, for better or for worse.

Are you fearful? Wary? Or do you embrace the changes going on all around us?


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3 years ago

The downfall of society started with the intruduction of the TV.
What began for news and and really simple entertainment for limited hours a day is now 24/7 and on demand.
People and especially kids now spend more time in front of a screen than what was considered healthy just a few years ago.
In school you have to use a tablet, later a laptop.
At home you do the homework in front of a screen while the rest of the family uses another screen to watch crap.
Then there is the phone...
I still remember th days when we used to have a comfortable chair next to the telephone so we could talk longer.
Really fancy people even invested into a fax machine or answering machine so they would be "available" at all times.
Still you only rang your freinds or family at times when you knew they actually had time to talk to you.
Someone invented the cordless phone and we finally had the freedom to use out free hand to do things while talking on the phone.
Can't remember how many time my gandma cooked dinner and only hang the phone up when it was time to get the stuff on the plates LOL
But now everyone has at least one mobile phone, even little kids have to have one so the parents can track them and get into contact every minute of the day.
There are even those who already prefer texting even if the person is sitting right next to them.

You talk about warfare, spying on someone or something but the real danger for me is technology itself.
What gives us the "freedom" to connect with all civilised parts of the world in realtime and with video support deprives us of actual social skills.
Just take handwriting as a prime example our kids soon won't learn at all in schools.
Where the teacher had to manually read and check every test for ever kid they now just run a program to check the answers and compare results on a big screen.
I have teens at work that get cramps and pain just for filling out a few lines of text for some order ROFL
These days we still have people who know how to use a library for information or how to write some birthday card in a beautiful handwriting.
We also still see people meeting just to talk and exchange news with their friends or families.
But the trend is clear: If you don't have internet and a smartphone you will be singled out.
Cases of addiction to social media, online games or simply watching xxx rated content were considered a laughing matter 10 years ago.
Now we have doctors and clinics specialising in the treatment of SMS thumbs, stiff necks and shoulders from online gaming and weaning you off from social media.
And of course we already have those "knowing it all" who go through all lengths just to stay away from technology at all costs.
Not to mention some smart cultures that never embraced it in the first place.

Take away the smartphones, take away the internet and a modern society sinks back into the dark ages within days ;)


Reply 3 years ago

It would appear that technology and society can work against as well as with each other. The way people interact socially has change dramatically in under 10 years, I find it strange how people can have arguments and fall-out without even seeing each other, often because of what was said on Facebook or in a text message.

It also amuses me when people comment on social media about things or people that have absolutely nothing to do with them. Maybe it gives a feeling of self-importance or belonging, maybe I'm doing that very same thing here right now!

What really concerns me is the use of technology in the modern education system. In my opinion it is hindering more than helping. There's an alarming trend amongst the younger generations where spelling and grammar is at an unacceptable level.

The older generations had an excuse; they were born into a poor education system where it didn't matter if you could read or write properly, they were probably going to the mines anyway. For my generation there was more hope, a better education was almost considered a human right, and things did improve. Now you'd be forgiven for thinking that with the technology and the opportunities available today things would progress even further, but it seems that technology has created a new problem.

I wonder how many teachers in our schools truly know what standard their students are actually attaining. The internet can provide the answer to almost any question, but learning parrot fashion and re-phrasing what they found on-line is not understanding, so ultimately they are not learning.

How does a teacher know if their students can read or write to a good standard? With the majority of work completed in digital form or typed, the spelling and grammar checker disguises the shortcomings. I'm growing increasingly tired of seeing 'there' and 'their' being confused, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Language is a beautiful thing, the ability to communicate was the first true technological breakthrough ever made and we are slowly eroding it.

Maybe what we need is to create 'International Dark Ages Day' where the internet is temporarily shut-down. Of course this could never happen, the money men would never allow it for a start, and how else are the super-rich going to buy their next super-yacht if it is not as the expense of the average person?

I think that sinking back into the dark ages is maybe what the world needs. You will never have equality and freedom in a world where the eight richest people have the same wealth as the 3.6 billion poorest combined. That single statistic is beyond shocking, it is unfathomable, is this what capitalism was designed to do?

It seems that progress and advancement has come at a price. But at what point do we question whether the price may just have been too great?


Reply 3 years ago

The money side of things these days affects everyone and it seems best not to think about it.
Short time ago our boss talked about cutting costs and hours for the employees.
Right after getting back from his third 6 star holiday this.
But appearently this holidy was really required to pick up his new and highly modified Crysler and to make sure it is packed correctly so he can drive it home after the holidays....
And with the education going down due to electronics you are correct too.
To make things worse, at least in AU, schools actually care more about their ratings than real grades for the kids.
We have schools where a parent has to fork out over $4000 per year to cover all these expenses added to our "free education" - like IPads of the latest generation, school trips no kid wants to do anyway and so on.
Only if the average grades result in a good rating for the school they can claim again the same funding or in some cases more.
As a result even those kids who would fail get grades that make them happy and pass....
And the only thing kids know heaps about these days are games, tv shows and movies but ask to do the laundry or cook dinner and they are totally lost.
If you want peace and quiteness than simply demand from your kids to file their complaints in writing, by pen of course.
By the time they are finnished writing they don't know why they wanted to complain in the first place ROFL