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The Girl I Rally like and I need your help Answered

Hello everyone I am 13 and I really like someone in my school. I have been friends with this girl for 8 years (Also we live right next from each other). We both like the same thing which is Anime. I try to ask her out but I got nervous. I think if I ask her out in the wrong way it will ruin our friendship. Could anyone please help me ? 



Best Answer 8 years ago


"Look, this might sound a bit odd, but do you fancy [going for a walk]*, just you and me?"

*Going to a movie
*Going for a burger
*Going to the comic store
*Going to the video store (this can lead to "...so, do you fancy coming round to watch it?"

Even if she refuses, it will do less damage to your friendship in the long run if you get this issue out of your system, rather than keeping it as a secret obsession that will affect your relationship for years.

Be aware that the vast majority of relationships at age 13 only last a few weeks anyway, and almost none go on to anything serious.


8 years ago

im taking helth at my school an we r talking about friendships and my teacher said if you asker her out there might be a chance that she could leave you and if she says yes if you have another friend that is a girl than that friend might be jeluse so it will be a win lose situatine


Answer 8 years ago

All quite possible BUT by no means certain - Without asking you will never know.

Assuming you already hang around together what more do you expect at your age??


8 years ago

If you've known 'em 8 years you shouldn't need advice from random people on the internet.
Is there no one that actually knows both of you, whom you can ask?



8 years ago

Girls, when my hormones were starting, would have been pissed if they
found out I talked about them to thousands of strangers.
Don't id yourself so easy 
(across the street, know her 5 years, like same superhero :-)


8 years ago

Go with your gut. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. If it does, it's more likely but still no guarantee.

I suppose it depends what you're actually asking...that is, what does "do you want to go out?" really mean?

You could ask her if she wants to go to the movies, but does that mean

"Hey (insert girlname), Do you want to go see a movie like we've been seeing movies together as 'kindergarten' friends for the past 8 year, buddddy-pal-cribmate?"


"Hey there sweet thing I've known for quite a while...Would you like to go to a movie so we can make out in private?"

Well those two are entirely different. The one is friends, the other is more than friends.

idk. truthfully, there's no recipe. If it were me, and if I had the wisdom that I've acrued ovvert the past 50 years and was still 13, well I'd just bone up and either say

"Hey Jane, you wanna see a movie?" and play the rest by body language. My understanding is that girls today are more like boys, so if she likes you, you'll get the message. If not, listen to the gut and don't spend your life pining.