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The Hackaday Prize 2015- save the world and go to space! Really! Answered

OK all you engineers, makers and tinkerers- The Hackaday Prize 2015 has begun!
Win a trip to space (or $196,883 in cash) plus over $500,000 in other prizes!

I know people here on Instructables are the super creative type of folks that would kick butt in this competition and I'd love to see an Instructables member go to space (because that would be awesome and Astronaut looks pretty cool on a resume.) I took part in it last year and it was a ton of fun and I learned an awful lot by reading through all of the other projects and discussing ideas with other contestants. I also got a lot of ideas for future instructables... :)

Your mission this year is to save the world! The devices that inform our daily lives were science fiction in decades past. The barriers that once required giant companies to produce such marvels are starting to crumble. Now, one person with one idea can revolutionize the way we live our lives. Be that person.

This year Hackaday is issuing a call to hackers, engineers, makers, and hardware startups from all over the world to focus their creative efforts on solving serious issues that face humanity. The global water crisis, pollution, climate change, food shortages, fossil fuel dependency, and many other big problems are waiting for new solutions. It’s time to unleash the community's innovative energy and collective expertise to move humanity forward.

The world’s problems can’t wait. Share your ideas to help everyone get started.

To learn more visit hackaday.io/prize



4 years ago

I saw that, but I can't think of an entry.



4 years ago

can we post an idea that we have already posted in instructables..?