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The I Could Make That Contest begins Monday, 7/29 Answered

You know you're a maker when you disdainfully pooh-pooh an off-the-shelf product and say, "Pffft, I could totally make one of those." A $2000 table made of 2x6s? That's a quick miter saw project. A funky knit Batman cowl for $50? Call me knit-picky, but that shouldn't be tough to duplicate. A $300 print dress from Anthro? Grab the Singer and get humming. An RFID door lock? Fire up the soldering iron and sketch out some code.

Whether you saw it in a catalog, online, or in a shop, we want to reward your commitment to keeping things low-cost and self-reliant. You can make that, and now we're giving you another reason to try. Show us your best reverse-engineered, knocked-off, product-inspired copycat project to win the kinds of things you would be hard-pressed to make on your own: a Galaxy Nexus tablet or an Olympus digital camera.

Check out the official contest page for more info!

Keep in mind that no food will be allowed - we have a Copycat Recipes Contest coming up soon!

Contest is open 7/29 - 10/21.


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