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The Living HELL of BED BUGS, does hydrogen peroxide kill bed bugs on contact É Answered

Apartment living, (1st time), has introduced me to variety of insects that I never even knew existed , & wish i never knew. Therefore I have a theory on the maiming or killing, and hopefully blowing up BED BUGS !!

Putting hydrogen peroxide on blood stains, takes the stains out. If you have a wound, putting hydrogen peroxide on it, will bubble the infection, dirt & blood. Therefore cleaning the wound. So, if we get a spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide, we could spray on, around & or in where the bugs are, and the theory is that the bed bugs would sizzle up or explode like it does when you put hydrogen peroxide on a wound.

If anyone has the chance to spray hydrogen peroxide on a bed bug, ( make sure not to spray yourself because h peroxide dries out the skin ,Major wise )!! Please let me know. I pray I never see one anywhere near me.

I get all `Buggzy wuggzy` Not a nice feeling,.... paranoid about every little itch, every little mark, terrible, terrible !

But again, this is my theory about Bed Bugs. Maybe I`ll get my doctorate on Bed Bugs & Hydrogen Peroxide. lol


Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

The reason why hydrogen peroxide bubbles on contact with some materials, is because there is something present in that material, or on its surface, that catalyzes the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide.

There's a section of the Wikipedia article for "Hydrogen peroxide", titled, "Decomposition",


That section gives us some hints, about what kind of materials will catalyze this decomposition reaction, e.g. transition metal oxides, and some biological materials, but it doesn't give a comprehensive way to predict, what will or will not, cause 3% hydrogen peroxide (3% H2O2) to erupt into a foam of bubbles on contact.

But you know, that's no reason not to try it.

Like as an example, I've tried spraying 3% H2O2, on black mildew, on the walls of a shower stall, and that seems to make it bubble instantly. Who knew that mildew and blood stains have something in common like this?

By the way, 3% H2O2 is capable of bleaching some fabrics, and also human skin to some extent. Actually, your post already warned us, about getting this stuff on skin.

But, I dunno, I guess you have to come up with something to kill those bedbugs.

By the way, other users here have written instructables about dealing with bedbugs. Try the Let's Make search, to see what's already here about, "bedbugs",



1 year ago

I pray I never ever see a Bed Bug, but, if hell happens, I`ll make sure I try out ur theory. Great idea if it works !!