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The Magical "Carry-on" Jacket, a Yes or a No? Answered

Here’s a link, go take a look double fast comrades.
the zine "Ready made" decided to send me a copy of their Feb/March issue with an interesting article
Pages 45-55 bare a article purposed to make you a better, faster, more efficient traveler. Page 53 and 52 describe the wondrous story behind a supposed "Wonder jacket" designed to replace air travel carry-on, which as we might remember, are growing increasingly heavier in fees and tags. The fruits of Scott Jordan's (an avid traveler and designer of the "Carry-on Jacket") laboring attempts to combat these fees glow proudly as his "Carry-on Jacket" comes to life. Much like a backpack, this jacket, and the many like it (like the one linked above and others on that website) have dozens of dozens of convenient pockets for all sorts of possible storage arrangements, ranging from spare change to I-pads. But how do they look? This all sounds like a great traverse breakthrough, but its totally useless if you look like a bloody tourist (which can be dangerous). Does anyone have anything like this, are there other brands. Does anyone have one in particular that they like? I need someone other than my magazine to vouch for it, or something like it, especially with a price tag like that. what about durability and comfort?



8 years ago

I'd agree with orksecurity's position that an appropriate carry on is better bet.

I find the seating space so restrictive, that my main concern is comfortable clothing.  Light breathable pants, light polo shirt, loafers (clean socks...) - basically business casual + breathable.  Too much in my pockets really becomes a hassle.

I think the "xray" photo of the coat in use is a bit misleading, obviously the item-photos are just overlayed on the empty jacket photo.  "How do they look"? - I suspect a filled jacket would be very clumsy looking, not svelte.

On the last flights I took, during the aftermath of the recent winter storm, all passengers had to place their coats under the seat.  So loading up a coat would actually be worse than having a wheeled carry-on.

carry on coat.JPG

8 years ago

I've traveled, at times, with a photographer's vest which has enough pockets and hooks to carry a complete SLR system (multiple lenses, multiple camera bodies, accessories, gray cards, reflectors, maps to your shot, a press card, ...). Certainly having something like that does make tossing some stuff through the X-ray simpler, and by distributing the weight evenly may make carrying it easier. Whether it makes you look like a tourist or a pro -- and which is more dangerous -- depends in part on how you wear it. It got me a darned good meal at one restaurant...

But, frankly, it's hard to beat an appropriate-sized backpack.... which, if you don't pick one that's completely over the top, doesn't make you look especially touristish.