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The Repulsine - and how it links to "flying saucers" Answered

I already had some repulsine project here.
Like this one, or the actual project.

It is time for a big update now.
After studying a lot of reports, photos and videos, some dating back hundrets of years in the origin, I realised a few things:
1. The repulsine is "just" another realisation of some really, really old designs.
2. Air is not only the medium that can used.
3. The technology has been developed further by the US.

I was always quite facinated by UFO reports, especially the kind that happened in several areas of the world with almost identical idendifications for the craft in question.
Mind you that UFO does not stand for Alien but for Unidentified Flying Object.
Meaning that at the time of the report(s) there was no official knowledge of such a craft existing.
So far quite a while things like the B52 or SR71 were actually classified as UFO's in reports from sources with no links to those building and using them.
In terms of our Replusine project however one thing really stands out in the reports throughout history: The basic shape and appearance as a "flying saucer".

You can look up tons of old and some newer sightings/reports of flying saucers.
And if bother to sort them by location and date you can actually develop sort of a timeline for design changes.
Same for linking the times of reported sightings to activities of Schauberger, Nazies and allied forces from about 2920 to 1980.
So, if these sightings of almost identical objects actually follow desgin changes based on new technology then how could this be linked to our reality where appearently there is no such thing as a flying saucer?
Take the "artificial domes" we find mostly on the upper section of the hull.
Strategically located to act like windows enabling you to see what is around the otherwise fully enclosed craft.
There size seems to shrink as time moved on.
Checking the few good picture of them out there you can help but wonder....
For the same timeframe the domes of common security cameras, like used for casionos in Reno or Las Vegas appear to be identical...
And it makes sense to use cameras instead of windows, due to the intense electromagnetic- electrostatic- and high energy fields surrounding the craft and parts of the inside as well.
Then there is the thing with the glowing around the craft, especially right before and during impossibly fast directional changes or accellerations.
Already Schauberger claimed that hgh energy fields and streams are created with his Repulsine.
And those were claimed to cause the propulsion of the craft.
Another vital clue to link the Repulsine to projects like the VR7 or the ARV is that they all use unthinkable amounts of electric energy in one form or another.
The Repulsine used a labyrinth of tubes, pipes and disks with nozzles and all to seperate air at an atomic level.
At least these were Schaubergers claims.
A bit more realistic now seems to be that Schauberger utilised the electrostatic enegy created by the airflow in a totally different way.
Remember that those copper wave disks spin at insanely high RPM's?
And there is a conductive axle...
Makes a homopolar motor that delivers insanely high currents but very little voltage.
Also makes a very strong electromagnetic field.
As a result, the air travelling through it all gets charged up.
Schauberger claims this charge helped to seperate the air molecules.
These days we know that for this even higher amounts of energy are required - think in terms of fusion reactions.
What I think really happend is that there was a plasma discharge from the copper disks to the surrounding outlet nozzles.
A high voltage with little current forming a plasme which "pulses" from nozzle to nozzle.
Quite a reminder of the good old Telsa coil configuration.
Those pulses create an electromagnetic impulse in the wave disks, certainly aimed to intensify their electromagnetical charge.
Moving to the VR7.

While the Repulsine got quite famous for destroying a hanger during a demonstration it now seems to be quite obvious that the steering capabilities were next to non existing.
After all, it was originally invented to work as a very efficient heating or cooling device and to fly around.
The flying bit was more or less an unwanted side effect due to getting in full harmonic resonance at was to high RPM's.
The propulsion was not done by the air stream but by the surrounding electromagnitc field.
And sadly the design did not allow for much influencing of this field.
With the VR7 project came a new approach to the "fuel" used to generate the propulsion effect.
Something that is independent from outside air pressures and such things.
If we see the original copper wave disks really as a homopolar motor and the air as the medium to generate electricity : How nice would it be to use a conductor right away to eliminated the chargin of air molecules to generate static electricity?
The obvious choice was to use Mercury.
Some reports state it was pure some state other metals were blended in.
The "original" shape chnged slightly depending on the actual purpose of the test flights.
So, sometimes you won't have any top dome, but a tower or colum like constructions coming out of the top.
The rest literally looks like a dinner plate with high rim, turned upside down - with a lid.
The later developed ARV or ARM, Alien Replication Vehicle, was claimed to be based on actual alien craft that were recovered and studied.
Appearently it formed the link between pure energy control and actual steering capabilities that made sense.
Then how does all this link with new technologies?

Paint, fibre optics, laser...
When it comes to stealth technology very secret "paint" mixtures are used to scatter or absorb radar waves, in some cases both.
The development of these paints goes along with the SR71 project, the B52, attack boats and so on.
But in reality it does not make much sense anymore to have your military crafts seemingly invisible to radar waves.
Doppler radar was developed to make these crafts visible again, plus it now helps us with the weather forecast.
It is more the surface shape and construction that makes them hard to track on radar.
But if have a population that now has digital cameras to record videos and everyone loves to do it then of course you risk being seen.
Now we even have smartphones that start recoding instantly if we need it.
Discreditation was the real aim in making all sorts of things invisible to radar.
A positive side effect was that those special materials and paints not only deal with radar waves.
They act in almost identical fashion through a suprisingly wide band of frequencies.
So why the need to hide from frequencies not used for any tracking things?
Energy shielding....
The VR7 and ARV were already quite good, but the need to use quite thick shielding plates everywhere, plus a fully closed "bubble" inside for the crew meant a lot of weight.
Weight does not really matter much here though, but more on that later...
What matters is transportability.
The small, 4 crew versions already maxed out what the biggest trucks of the time could handle on the roads.
Using paint and thin shielding plates of high tech materials meant the weight went down.
Down enough to allow for a bigger size...
Laser and fibre optics enabled us data transfers at never seen before speeds.
And what was once reserved for the big backbone infrastructure made its way into server rooms and now even homes.
Whether or not the development or "invention" of these technologies happened out of the blue or in some guide form is something I leave to your imagination.
However it enabled in combination the exact control of all flight parameters.
A lever like for the trust on your boat controlled the overal power levels available.
Where the repulsine only had rotating disks the later developed types used capacitor plates at the bottom of the saucer section.
With the disk from the homoplar motor in the mercury drive system they formed two electromagnetic fields.
One just from the spinning disk, the other from the circuit formed between capacitor plates, hull and axle of the homopolar motor.
The thrust level determined how fast the motor spins and how much the capacitors are charged.
A simple mechanical linkage requiring not even wires, let alone a computer.
Always in sync, always in harmony.
The laser and fibre optics were mounted in sort of a trackball.
The pilot moves a sphere that is hold in place by a slightly larger half sphere.
Bit like the swivel mount on your tiny camera tripod.
The laser is mounted to the moving sphere but really far down, in the center and pointing dead straight up.
In the outer sphere's lower part you have the ends of fibre optic wires.
Conviently located in a mirrored orientation to the capacitor banks.
Imagine them like grid point on a globe you might have on your desk.
The further you tild the "ball" the more the laser moves to the outer reception points for the optical link.
And with that providing higher power levels to the corresponding capacitor banks, while reducing them for the opposite ones.
If you ever had these cheap laser projectors that make some star light copy or lots of funny shapes thn you know how the laser is made to produce rings that match the orientation of the fibre optics.
Again, dead simple, reliable and dirt cheap to realise.
So why did all these UFO sightings of this type seemed to have vanished all of a sudden?

They did not stop to do a lot of test flights....
But as the technology moved on to allow for very fine control of the craft it was time to test the limits.
We all know the stories of totally impossible flight manouvers....
And the offcial claim to make all these sighting a hoax was and still is that no human would be able to survive those forces.
After all, you can't just go from a standstill to well over 2000km/h in less than a second without leaving the pilot as a gooey mess on the walls....
But the thing does not use any rockets, conventional propulsion systems or even something that emits enough heat to classify as a combustion engine....
The limit testing goes along with the realisation of how this drive system actually works.
There were all sorts of theories from those making these things possible but they had only assumptions and a good imagination.
There is no such things a free energy, so that means these flying saucers would need machines more capable than those of a container ship - and a corresponding size...
A good aeronautics engineer can spend hours explaining to you why it is impossible that a bumblebee can fly.
Thankfully the bumblebee is only interested in collecting honey and pollen but not in anything as complex as aeronautics, and so it just flies off....
How is it then possible to generate the energy for these impossible flight characteristica?

Energy is relative, Einstein already knew that but we did not get the hint.
E=mC² is about as accurate as a wooden yard stick.
But that is another topic, the relation to Einsteins relativity and our flying saucers was his old friend Nicola Tesla.
Tesla stated that the universe is full of energy that surrounds us and that we only need to tap in to.
Like a bird does not electrocuted when sitting on power lines, we are part of these energy fields and won't even notice them.
Only a few we can actuall feel, see or otherwise experience, like gravity.
Does not mean we know how exactly gravity works and why it does what it does.
We only used overservations to come with clues.
However we failed to explain how the energy of let's say gravity actually make the ball roll down the ramp instead of up...
Tesla's warning to Einstein was that his formula is wrong and that testing the atomic bomb would cause unimaginable side effects.
And sure enough when Einstein checked the results from the test he was stunned by how much energy was released - about 4 times higher than by ignoring all losses that were factored in for the experiment.
So where did this energy come from and why is it so dangerous to play with it?

Science fiction is always somwhat of a reflection of a reality we already have or that is certain to be true very soon.
Like submarines, helicopters, laser weapons or going to the moon.
A thing you might have heard of is Zero Point Energy.
A fuzzy terms with several possible explanations of what it actually is.
Funny enough our scientist use the same term for ergies on a quantum level.
Those energies, like gravity that we still fail to understand properly.
But they also include the energy from the shockwave of an exploding star, which travel much faster than the speed of light.
Where Tesla tried to utilise this energy for controlled and good purposes, we developed weapons of mass destruction as it was a quick and easy way to prove a point.
The point that the test shall lead to clean and reliable energy in the future however was never made.
Partially due to realising what those added energies were that no one expected.
Imagine you create a vacuum in front of a ball and a corresponding higher pressure at it's back side.
Obviously the ball would start to move and get very close to the speed of the airstream you created.
Keeping the ball right in the center is the tricky part.
If you place the ball onto a blanket that is stretched like a trampoline you can use your hands to create a positive "hill" in front of the ball and a negative or indentation at the back of the ball.
And if you move both ands the same way your ball will stay in this wave and follow it.
Our ARV does pretty much the same, but it creates this bubble and wave itself.
The electromagnetic field generated are as high or higher as during the peak of th explosion of an atomic bomb.
But unlike the destructive version our field is a controlled bubble.
At high enough levels the fields distort the space time around the craft.
With all capacitor banks equally charged the craft only moves up and down.
Turning the sphere and changing the charge levels means the bubble expnads or contracts in the coreesponding direction.
To the outside observer the impossible happens, to those inside it is like nothing at all happens, the only experience any movement from obversing what is around them - or now through instruments like GPS and such.
Wich a distortion in space time the changes are only outside the craft, while the craft itself remain fully neutral at all times.
Means things like acceleration forces or G forces simply won't apply as they never actually reach the craft.
After these initial proof of concept designs showed their true and full potential the Fluxliner project came into place.

Funny name but it is spot on in some way.
The flux is the continium of space time, basically everything we now try to explore and understand through quantum mechanics and such things.
Like that a light particle ona quantum level is split and can't be observed as a single entity, you can only interpret their existence through the obeservation of their combined entity.
But ony day we will have the means to even measure and detect those things directly - now that we "know" them...
The liner part is claimed to be either a reference to the stealth coating or the fact that it rides the space time like a boat on the water.
This so far latest leaked re-creation of so called alien tech is claimed by some to have been a quite regular visitor on the moon in the early 90's and late 60's.

What does all this now mean for free energy and the Repulsine project?
I asked myself the same thing once I started to link inventions related to the term "free energy" as we use it today to technologies already claimed to have been in use by the US or Germans/Austrians before.
Even if we are told free energy does not exist, the earliest incarnations of the Repulsine were already aimed on what we these days call "over-unity".
Other inventors used magnets and coils to seemingly create electricity out of thin air.
And still others made claims to be able to run their cars on water.
Some of them were clearly a good hoax, some however had a disturbing thing in common.
Inventors that thought they had some free energy or over unity device and started to go public with it ended up being watched.
To be a warning to all, since a lot of them knew the work of others in the same field, a lot of the real inventors disappeared.
Not all though, a lot of them just suddenly lost all interest in inventing and got rid of their inventions only to live a boring life.
Energy is power and who controls it has power over others.
While oil got rare and expensive our governments "regulated" the price through additional and higher taxes.
We are told it is to make us more aware of our climate and pollution or to improve our roads.
In reality though our governments use fuel like a golden goose.
Electricity is no different.
First we have limited supply and with that limited options to develop areas of the world.
Like water, electricity defines where modern life as we know it is actually possible.
What would happen if all this power would suddenly disappear just becuase some weird guy created a zero point generator in his garage and decided to give all details of his invention away for free and to everyone in the world?
You can't make money from, or put taxes on what people build themself and just use like you would use a push on lawn mover.
The trail of disappearing inventions, inventors and their work is quite disturbing once you start looking deeper into the details of their inventions.
The repulsine is a pain in the behind to model in 3D.
Even worse if you actually intent to make it 3D printable while keeping the model as realistic as possible.
Same for even thinking on how to replicate a mercury drive with a homopolar motor and up to 36 capacitor banks.
I have some ideas beased on the concept drawings though.
The mercury acts as a conductor as well as an energy storage device.
Quite similar to a HVAC system like your airconditioner.
Energy is taken from one side and used on the other side.
IMHO this is only possible through a vapour stage where the mercury most likely will form a plasma at some point.
As it is a resonant system similar to a tesla coil the plasma acts as an interupter or sprak gapto get the required frequencies for the field generation.
But unlike the Tesla coil, the energy created by this plasma is not wasted.
In a vortex system similar to what is found in the top cone of the Repulsine, the plasma is kept rotating without ever getting into contact with the surrounding walls of the containing construction.
IMHO the compression produced by this vortex and the high speed of the plasma means it is transformed back into liquid or even solid mercury particles while the stored energy and heat is release like in the atomic bomb - in the form of an electromagnetic pulse.
And as said, all these are in resonance here, which means we hvae harmonic frequencies where the power output peaks at unknown high levels.
The technology was already possible in a crude form almost 100 years ago, so how hard can it be to combine it all into a prototype that actually works?

Thing is you can't really develop and test individual components, let alone on a desktop model scale.
Would be like trying to test and measure some LC circuit for resonance without connecting them or knowing and values.
You need a certain size to make things happen and can't just downsize them.
A bit like replicating a model of a big dam.
No matter what you try, you need trickery to make the water stream rushing out of the relief pipe look as realistic as the original.
You can't build a paper plane at an infinite small scale and still hope it would actually fly like the big one....
What might be possible though to get going is to observe how resonant electromagnetic fields act in resonance with high energy pulses at a lower or higher hamonic frequency.
On a really small scale even just by using some vibration speakers to observer how for example some grains of rice react on a plate when a third harmonic of much lower frequency is introduced.
Especially in a stereo system where the distance of the speakers equals the wavelenght (multiple) of the first harmonic.
Why do I make this comparison?
If you wonder then you never really played with vibration speakers ;)
Let me try to explain:
An amplifier set to a max output of 15W and with a connected signal generator producing two harmonic frequencies is one part.
The other a 25W rated vibration speaker.
It is quite easy to fully wreck the speaker at these levels if you use the right frequencies, been there, replaced a few over the years...
Now just try to imagine how high the energy levels could be in system that utilises what would otherwise be wasted energy.
And not just that, it would happen at different harmonic frequencies for every involved stage of the drive system.
the base frequency or first and highest harmonic frequency in this configuration would be high enough to affect things on a quantum level.
All the other harmonics combine at fixed times during many full cycles of the original frequency.
Let's say in lame man's terms:
Four people are yor four harmonics below the highest.
And this highest frequency is represented by someone on a swing.
Two people on either side of the swing give it a good push at the time of zero momentum and in the opposite direction as before.
But on either side the people take turns, sort of.
One might push ever fourth time while other pushes every eights time - as an example.
You see how sometimes they would push together at the same time? ;)
And every time this happens the overall energy level of the base frequency becomes strong enough to create out wave in space time.
I guess it will be another 5 to 10 year before we can use mind control to create our 3D models, from imagination onto a perfect 3D model...
Ever wondered where the name "Flux-Capacitor" in Back to the Future originated from? ;)
Or how in Star Trek the ships first only had Impulse Drive and later on Warp drive?
An impulse drive is nothing more than a fancy ION or nuclear drive - as evident by the various forms of shielding and technologies used by other Trekkie species in the series.
And well, a Warp drive does basically the exact same thing as our Fluxliner drive, it creates a bubble around the ship that excludes it from our normal space time to travel faster than light.
Our Mercury drive system does the same thing, the electronmagnetic field is basically a bubble like the warp field and it distorts the space time continium by creating two waves between which our bubble craft moves.
And please don't see these waves like they are on the ocean, they would be fully even, inverted copies in a three dimensional area, not just flat.
An author or writer certainly won't come up with a lot of phantasy names and creations without getting the basic idea from somehwere- or someone.
And even if that wouldn't be the case then a well reputated scientist won't use the same exact terms in later publications just because he is a Star Trek fan - just saying though...
Like many other things it comes down to progressive education and the controlled seeding of misinformation while supporting hoaxes at the same time the real thing disappears with the inventor.
If the leaked claims by former officials should really indicate alien tech behind all this then it leaves the question how ancient cultures could have already had detailed knowledge of the same principles.
They were left with instructions on how to build these impossible crafts despite the fact they would need hundreds or even thausands of years to even develop the most basic technology to build it.
Let alone to know about the electrical and plasma capabilities of mercury...
A lot of people still have prime evil fear, like when they see a spider or left in the dark in some new place and without a warning.
It is programmed into our genes as a protection mechanism dating back to when we had no clue about fire and lived in caves.
The buried knowledge about impossible technologies is in our genes in a very similar way.
A bit like an endless library and every now and then someone finds a register card with the location of some interesting book.
Those cards are like reminders when we are confronted with new technolgies or just new ideas.
If, deep down, we wouldn't know that a lot of what seems impossible is just out of our grasp of understanding on how to put ideas into reality - then why keep so many independent people around the globe "invent" "new" things around the same time and with no chance of ever knowing anthing about the other inventor(s) ?? ;)
Like the Illuminaty always said: It is best to operate in the shadows while making sure knowledge is used and seeded wisely.....
We gave our energy providers solar and wind parks, even huge battery storage systems.
Not because it is the green thing to do though.
We need more and more energy but we still need the power to stay in the hands of the powerful.
Tons of people or communities have enough open land for their own little wind or solar park but they are not allowed to operate one and with that won't get subsidised like our big energy providers.
Otherwise a lot of regions in our world would already be independent from price gauging electricity providers that keep their grid at standards from the late 50's....
We can't really allow them to build more nuclear reactor either because we already struggle to deal with the millions of year it will take to neutralise our current stockpile of nuclear waste.
Funny thing is that this is only a concern for certain countries in the world.
Some still see going nuclear as the best alternative to move their country forward.
When the last tree is fallen, the last fish eaten and the last river poisoned you will realise that you can't eat money.
Till then it gives you all the power you need and loosing this grip is like loosing a war.
There are always casualties and someone being on the wrong end of friendly fire...

When the time is right, those who went silent and kept secrets will come forward and provide us with the energy for our future.
I don't want to jinx it but I am quite sure it will start around the 13/04/2029 and intensify around the same date in 2036.
The "coincidences" evolving around those two days will be big news for the world, nothing new for those of us willing to see more than we are allowed to see....
And they will mark the official re-appearance of what started as the Repulsine, went over the VR7 and ARV to the official Fluxdrive.
To qutoe from what we all know: To boldly go go where no human has gone before....



18 days ago

The clue are all out there, one only needs to follow the bread crumbs and collect them.
Take the earliest sightings of the classic flying saucer from about 1930 onwards.
Basically identical looking craft appeared in publi view view, mainly in Austria, Germany and the western regions of Russia.
Sure signs of alien life visiting us!!
Well, only if you ignore the corresponding inventors at the time and in what areas of the world they were active...
The biggest clues however come together once you examine the Nazi times from a slightly different viewpoint.

Before Germany became the all mighty 3rd Reich there was the Weimarer Repluplic, poor, struggling to survive financially.
But there was a huge potential in terms of technology, steel and manufacturing.
england and the USA back then invested heavily here - in todays money all up about 30 billion dollar....
The bank of england was quite direct here and had no issue with anything.
And like the US they continued the financing long into the ere of Nazi terror.
From over the big pond it was super rich families investing in steel and production, like the Bush family.
Yes, gandpa Bush was the biggest supporter of Tyssen - the driving force of the war production in Germany.
Many other families invested in the same way and through dubious trades.
Quite a lof of them were shut down by the US government for ongoing violations in terms of trading or financing the enemy of the state.
IBM went as far as supplying the means for the organisation of the holocaust.
The tatooed numbers on prisioners arms were the same as for the IBM punchcards used to register and document their "progress".
And no, this did not happen long before the war started, IBM jumped in when the mass murder of Jews just started to get ugly and at a point where it was more than obvious what the intended use will be.

The world only knows too well what the Nazi times did to the world.
What the world is not supposed to know is W_HO financed the war efford so it could become a threat to the world.
A country too poor to survive become the biggest war machine the world has seen in just a few years and everyone thinks the source is crystal clear.
But forced labour and conentration camps started long AFTER Germany was a powerful war machine...

Clues go even further once you seek out how the Birish high families relate to Nazi Germany.
Both in terms of finance and business but also in personal relationships.
An awful lot of the rich and powerful british elite got matched up with high ranking Nazies or their family members - even members of the royal family...
Today we find our partners online and from all over the world if need be.
Back then, this global reach was reserved for the rich and powerful.
Some like grandpa Bush were happy to "invest" in German companies, heavily I might add, and called it trading.
After all the US needed an awful lot of quality steel themself...
Others saw the traditional way of marrying into the family as the best option to influence.
Without this form of support Nazi Germany would have been nothing more than a nuissance on the map but no threat.
So why then would the later allies, including Russia invest so heavily into a country and their rich and powerful families?
Tyssen for example was not just famous for making the best steel in the world but also for being the biggest financial support of the Nazi war effords.
Giving millions (in old money) to this company and man was the most direct and hidden way to finance the Nazies themself....

If the interest in business, technology and knowledge was valued higher than preventing a potential enemy from becoming an all powerful dictatorship, then why do it??
Hitler was Austrian, quite shy with little self esteem.
Today someone like him is the prefered target for abuse, the same abuse he copts as kid in the family.
So how could someone like this turn into the monster we all know?
Like every werid but powerful person it happened with the right support.
If you want to be the boss then you need to be ruthless in some areas - Hitler was not.
Again, if you check history closely about the rise of Hitler you will find many names that paved his way.
Now and with social media we would call them followers and influencers...
He was the perfect goat to train for just one purpose...
If you can not control and get directly what you want, then you have to put someone in charge who is on your side without even knowing it.
Some nice campaign speeches for the party? No problem, here you go...
Good ideas on how to increase crop supplies and industrial capacities? You can have them all...
Those around him from his early days in the party were all well connected to "supporting" families, companies and banks in Britain and the US.
Before we go into why it all went haywire so suddenly let me explain why this support was so vital for the later allies....

The rise of Nazi Germany provided a lot of good things long before there was even talks about going to war and taking over the world.
It was a culture of exploring, trying out new things and actively seeking out the unknown.
And Hitler already knew about flying saucers as he saw them more than once from early childhood on.
Means if there is such technology then it must be possible to find who made it or to build it.
What we today call magic, pseudo-science, vortex energy, zero point energy and so on were all highly respected fields of study and exploration during Hitlers times.
Funny thing is that despite early scepticism from literally everywhere and endless amounts of just good bed time stories there were real needles in the hay stacks...
It was these needles and the resulting technology, science and materials that needed financing.
Things like the Repulsine, jet fighters or plane designs that we only managed to replicate decades later with the help of computers - they all were developed, tested and used.
The later not only with any success, but like a kid they always got back on the bike and tried to ride faster than ever before....
But there were problems with this concept of controlling the leader and gaining or better keeping access.
Power changes people and Hitler changed from an bused child to the abuser.
Like all good abusers he had secrets, like his personal doctor, spirutal advisors and of course all the highly guarded and secret projects.
Most of them we would today scoop into the free energy bin...
But be it what is little to not known at all in our history books, like advances in metallurgy, new matrials, electromagnetism or aeronatuics - it all was and still is of high value to everyone in need.
And why would you bother your own scientists to explore things that defy our understand of physics and waste billions on it if you can provide a little invest here and there to later scoop up the creme....
The big plan was to have people in key positions to be able to have access to all vital information and technology.
And this went really well for a few years.
Why the technology later was stolen by the aliies together with all people that knowledge or understanding of it is another story itself.

Medicine and health....
Hitler was not a healthy person, neither for the body nor the mind.
He suffered all his life from bowel and digestive problems.
Things like being lactose intolerant are no big deal today, 80 years ago no one had a clue about it, same for other things that affect your wellbeing.
Treating the leader was no easy task, make one mistake and you end up in a labour camp.
Cause him more pain and discomfort and you face the same fate.
When the supply of new doctors ran short a very keen and well educated doctor arrived and promised the help the Führer never had.
Sure enough within weeks the pain was almost gone, he could eat a lot better and felt stronger.
You can see this transformation in the archived public speeches from the time.
And if you keep watching the crap you notice how he and his appearance changed.
Must be a good doctor then...
He was...
With tutors from the best universities and academies in Europe but in the years before he started to become the countires head physician he was trained by US standards....
In all fairness, medicine was in the dark ages back then and a lot of was common is impossible today.
Like making most of the US dependen on morphine.
Even kids gotit in uncontrolled amounts, you could be it freely in almost any store as cough syrup for example.
So Hitler's pain was not cured, it was disguised by pain killers.
His bowel problems were not cured either, just medicated to make them work somehow even with the worst food for it.
If you take his volumes of morphine related drugs then we know today it changes your mind, your brain chemistry and even your bones and teeth.
Not for the better though.
Appearances matter and the Führer needed to be strong wherever he was visible to the public.
-No wonder then that his doctor suggest things to help here.
Today we call these cocktails "uppers and downers" and their abuse is well documented.
A lot of these drugs are also psychoactive, everyone who tried some party pills knows the affects.
All this was not only tolerated by the allies but also supported.
Up into the late states of the war Hitler doctor still had regular contact to his tutors in the US.
So why would anyone with a half sane mind actively support a drug addict of the worst kind to rule a country?

What made Hitler and the Nazies what there ended up in our history books was the holocaust.
There have been similar bad genocides before and after that in relation are sometimes even worse.
However the dedication, intolerance and active "cleansing" of mainly Jews was just unthinkable.
Although we know now that IBM made most of this possible to organise and we also know that all Germans were indoctrinated to hate jews, but we don't seem to know why...
Europe around 1900 was a stronghold of the catholic church and royals.
And you couldn't be a powerful ruler without the backing of the church.
Throughout history, and especially in central and eastern Europe the church continued the war against all Jews for the simple reason of believing they were responsible for the crucification of Jesus.
Ever been accused of holding a grudge?....
Jews never had an easy stand in the old Europe, so sticking to themself and valuing their communities was a priority.
And if you are trained to never really like or trust a jew than, as a jew you have little options to do good business.
As a result they became leaders in field like banking (from mainly money lending at the beginning), education (mainly in their own communities) and many things that were just a requirement with a gap to fill.
A lot of bakeries were run by jews back then and the product quality was said to be top of the line.
The myth that jews control all the money in the world originated from this.
If you needed money back in these days that neither the church nor the royals were willing to provide you then you took a loan from a jewish "banker".
Hitler came from Austria and over there Jews were really hated back in the day, he had latent hate in him for no other reason than B.F. Skinner already called "Progressive Education" in his famous book.
It is then no surprise that Skinner's teaching also found a way into the Nazi propaganda.
A lot of powerful and influencial people back in the glory days of the 3rd Reich had that same hate in them and found a way to channel it.
So it all started by discrimination, a bit abuse here and there but nothing really serious.
The end goal was to drive all jews out of Nazi controlled territories.
And of course with that came the need to recover all the money high ranking Germans borrowed from them.
A deal is a deal so ou won't back down.
For a Jew it meant being stripped of all money, all valuables and being forced to leave the country.
What entirely changed this approach was not really the need for forced labour to drive the war - this came much, much later.
If you confiscate a man's or a families life then you often get a lot of personal items and documents.
Some contained what was of interest to scientists and even archeologists.
Many myths about flying machines with no engines to see or hear, "libraries" full of ancient technologies and scripts waiting to be used...
If there is some, then there must be more to be found... :(
Going mental and starting the biggest genocide in history did not really help though.
It only made it pressing that those who financed the Nazi uprising started to stand up for their mistakes.

The collections...
We know a lot about stolen artwork, gold and other object of value from the Nazi times.
What we do not know so much about is how the "cleanup" was organised by the aliied forces.
If you check the records of air raids against German occupied areas you will notice something really odd.
Whatever was responsible for the actual war was a prime target.
Ammunition depots and factories, steel production facilities places where tanks, planes and artillery were made.
A lot of pure civilian space was levelled just for good measure and with no regards to any non military person.
For the allies every German was a target until shown worth or innocent.
Targets that seemed to have been missed completely by the allies turned out to be those facilities were schience happened, wher flying saucers", jet engines and rockets were build.
They were conviniently "forgotten" as possible targets.
However, once on the ground and in the area the allies took what was not too big to carry.
During this cleanup the Paperclip incident happened.
You can't have all the technology and make future use of it if you have no clue about any of it.
So records of scientists, inventors and more were adjusted to no longer reflect what they were doing and responsible for during their successful life as high ranking Nazi and SS officials.
Those mass murderes helping the genocide were made heros of America and enabled the US to get to the moon (at least on paper), develop jet fighters and engines but also to make huge advances in science.
All key members of the US rocket program were former Nazies with history of being supportive and not just submissive to the Nazi cause.
These and many more Nazies got funding that in today money would be worth several billion Dollar.
America did not become the most powerful nation on the globe by being smart or knowing stuff, just by simply stealing and taking what they wanted and needed.
And it never stopped...

The abductions....
Be it scientists or inventors, they were taken after the war like you pick fruits at the market.
It continues till today with people disappearing once they got too public about some of their inventions.
What worked fine for the Nazies and already with IMB computer support must work on a much bigger scale...
If you check how NASA started or most of the secret agencies in the US, after WW" then you can't help but wonder how so mand former high ranking Nazies made it to be responsible for the security of the "enemy".
The skill to proce realistic "news" that are nothing but propaganda and hoaxes was nothing new to Russia or China.
The US never thought about the "benefits" of doing thse things.
Just think about why a country would need an energy department with powers that go well over any legal authority in the country or why they would require funding of several billion dollar every year.
Offcially the energy department or DOE does nothing special at all...
Off the books however they are the key players when it comes to developing new technologies or uses that in one way or another relate to energy.
The famous Star Wars like program with laser satellites was mainly planned and organised through the DOE - go figure...
And if you look at the official duties and responsibilities of other agencies and their budget you again wonder what all this money is actually used for.
If we take just NASA and their related programs then there is huge discrepancies between results and funding.
And that only covers the offcial records.
A thing that is not off the movies but out of our reality are black book operations.
Funding is diverted from other, offcial things and often funneled in by means that are literally untraceable.
Like loosing one trillion Dollar with no clue where it went or who might have assigned the money to something.
Till today this money that came from tax payers is lost...
It is not just people and inventions that get abducted, money disappears the same from US books...

What might be different today if all this black book and secret money would have been put to good and civilian use instead?
Some people tried the math since WW" and their findings are quite shocking.
There would be no poverty in the US, no lack of jobs and certainly not a minimum wage that makes it impossible to survive on.
The medical system would not only work but it would be free for the citizens, with no waiting lists either.
The education system would actually produce students that can use their brains and at least have some common knowledge.
No offense but the standard US citizen is about as smart as an 8 year old child....
Can't blame them though as this "keeping them dumb and obedient" is part of the game...
Think I am overstating it?
Just check how much money the US military uses every single month...
Or how many multi million Dollar project never made it out of the drawing stage while the money went poof...
It does not flow into the pockets of greedy people....


20 days ago

Ever tried to find out when the first "real" UFO sightings started that has plausible eye witness reports or even pictures/videos?
As said you will find the go well along with the Repulsine project and followed from it.
But there is still this nagging thought of alien technology that we can't seem to shake off.

The Repulsine had nothing to do with aliens or even space crafts.
It was an invention that actually worked from a person totaly thinking outside our coneption of things.
And even well before the glory days of the Repulsine we can find stories, myths and even "words of wisdom" encarved in stone walls at ancient times.
Sometimes even quite similar looking sketches or crude drawings paired with some phantasy elements.
Ever bothered to check where the term ALIEN actually originated from?
Do it and you will be surprised :)
We already know about things like genetic fear and features we dragged along in the human evolution since the ice ages.
If you ignore the constraints of pure archeology then we find plenty of evidence that technologies were claim to have invented in modern times were already well known and used at a time where people were supposed to see the wheel and bronze as the highest technologies ever.
And throughout history and cultures we always find similar stories about god like creature coming from the starts or even appearing out of nowhere with their crafts.
There is now a quite interesting and revolting theory developing.
Highly evolved humans were here long before we think we started out from apes.
We find "missing" links and try to use them explain the human evolution.
What we don't find or at least fail to acknowledge is that throughout time we can find link to "higher beings" guiding the early humans in one way or another.
The theory developed based on the facts that humanity grows like a weed and with no controls.
And as know really world changing events happened in the early times of our living globe.
rising sea levels, north and south poles switching position, vulcanic eruptions, asteroids, solar activity levels and so on....
In the theory there already was eveloved "humans" living in harmony with nature while still developing technologies we can only dream of.
Even today you will find tribes that have never seen a helicopter, let alone someone in a space suit...
And a good biohazard suit does not look too much different...
At some point the population was not sustainable anymore on a local base, like in the stories about Atlantis.
The only solution to survival was to mangle with the underdeveloped local and leave hints that these people with way to low imagination and technology might one day be able to reference and use again.
Through genetic trades, stories, myths and their active interaction sort of a genetic memory was implanted that surived in some humans until today.
If our ecosystem as we know it would really collapse within a few generations and rising seal levels and climated change would turn the world into an ocen with just some island left:
How much of our remains could be found, let's say a million years later and several global climate changes ?
And we already try to go the eco way with recycable materials for modern building and constructions.
What today is a huge instrial complex going a few hundret meters underground as well might then just be a mining site for rare minerals and metal ore...

The real aliens are not from outer space, they are just those who were here before us.
Some used their technology to escape the changing and uninhabitable world.
Some took their entire community and started over close by, close than you might think.
The thing about such theories though is that no matter how many people collect and provide data to show their "interpretation" even more reputable "scientist" and professors will come up explanations why it is all totally wrong.
Sure they find a plausible explanation on how some obelisk of several hundret tons in weight got erected in his foundation hole.
But they never dared to actually show that their theory would work.
And never mind that even today we wouldn't have the means to transport this huge thing a few hundret kilometers through a sandy desert....
Sure the ancient aegyptians had no electricity and use just mirrors to get light into the things while building and decorating them.
sadyl even in todays time no one has found a plausible way how to get the light to the areas where it was needed, especially considering the materials available at the time, bronze and no glass mirrors for example...
And we know they did not use and light created by burning things as there is no evidence of carbon or soot residue anywhere.
You can interpret any story in any way you like, same for what really happened to and became of "free energy" projects....


20 days ago

Some names to considered to be pioneers in the fields of anti gravity technology, free energy and zero point energy:

Prof: Stefan Marinov: de facto leader of the European free energy movement.
Eugene Mallove: Pioneer in cold fusion with working desktop devices.
Arie deGeuss: Inventor of several clean energy devices related to zero point energy.
Mark Tomion: Great Physicist and inventor of the patend Star Drive - A device showing remarkably similarities to the VR7 and Fluxdrive engines.
The list goes on with many more names that not too many people ever heard of.
But of course you wonder what they all have in common...
You could research their names, inventions and stories but I will make it short.
They all died by weird "accidents" and with only a day or a few hours left to attend a vital presentation of their work or to receive funding for their projects.
what they also have in common is that their entire work disappeared, like some of Tesla's trunks.
Moving out of this world by weird timing and at the height of their career might be explainable somehow.
Not so much why the police just hours after their death found their homes and work areas empied in a very clean and professional way.
As said, the list goes on after 2009 and was already quite endless with the cases till 1980.
Getting in contact with these great guys still living and active is hard, keeping contact even harder.
Like everything in life coincidences are the spice that makes it all worth doing.
A little accident here, a miscalculation there and suddenly things happen.
Problem is that in the "community" fear is going around.
Every year contact to one or more is lost, trying to check up on the persons reveals the same fate as for those above.
Means the question really is not whether or not zero point energy can be used or how to use gravity and space time distortions for propulsion.
The only real and pressing question is: Why is the independent discovery and development of working devices punished by deadly force?

To be fair: Not all of the great pioneers in the forbidden science areas had a case of bad luck that ended their career and life.
Some got lucky, or had the right timing and friends in meanigful places.
Although not directly related to the topic of free energy and more into the area of quantum computing - let me tell you a "fictive" story...
There was a keen software developer in a world leading company.
At a time when everyone though a computer needs a motherboard, a graphics card and tons of memory and more hardware to be faster than last years model, he decided to do things the other way around.
He developed a graphics gard that runs entirely on software.
Some extreme powerful but sadly buggy CPU's/GPU's, whatever you wanna call it, lots of memory and then just some code to make it work.
Instead of replacing your graphics card to get the latest standards for gaming you flash a new firmware on it.
You need it for biomedical reseach and intense 3D computing? No problem, just use a different firmware.
At the time this single graphics car was faster than a cluster of the latest gaming computers available.
And whatever power was there to spare was free for the OS to use!
Needless to say someone high up saw not just the potential but also the dangers of this approach.
If you have the most powerful graphics card in the world that is future proof for many years to come and that can be updated to basically compute whater you like....
Appearently the the best RSA and such codes with a 2048 bit key could hve been decoded in minutes....
The company got a lucrative contract to build the most powerful computer with a huge cluster of these cards, even today they still rival our quantum computers in many areas.
The guy was taken away from the company and made head of the new supercomputer project...

In case you still wonder who would have not just the interest but also the power to make inventors and inventions disappear...
Who gave us electricity and many of the things we still use in todays times? An immigrant who dies alone, disgraced and poor a mouse in your church.
Who gave us nuclear power? Some Austrian-German guy which the Nazi's could not see as worthy or intelligent enough, so they kicked him out.
Who got us to the moon and back? Some weird rocket scientists that their technology as more than just a delivery system for destruction.
Who provided the best advances in technology or computers? People from all the world who had a vision and followed it.
And as the above list I could continue for hours here....
What do these people all have in common you ask?
They all ended, more or less willingly in a country nicely tucked away between Canada and Mexico....
They all signed various documents to ensure their knowledge won't leave their new home country ever again.
The only difference between the two lists is that one group had knowledge or technology of interest to the USA while the other "only" invented things already well tested and used by the US ;)
I only ask you one question to finnish:
How is it possible that the US lost one Trillion Dollars of taxpayers money without being able to even find a trace of it?
And if you check when this happened and what "secret" (at the time) project were on the black budget list you really have wonder if we every actually never went back to that rock that rings like a bell when you drop something on it...
Schauberger was only the start as he made the actual concept behind zero point energy possible.
Having a theory to chew on is great, having someone giving you a working machine to study and improve upon is like finding the holy grail.
No wonder then that you should be careful how much you make public of the toys you created in your garage ;)