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The "Truth" about Tesla? Answered

These guys at www.lindsaybks.com/gallery/teslamyth/ttesla1.html say that Tesla didn't invent the Tesla Coil, radio, or AC power.
Now, I'll admit that I didn't read all of the arguments completely. I did, however, read the Tesla Coil page in its entirety. One claim is that the Tesla Coil was predated by one Elihu Thomson's patent  "Method of and means for producing electric current" (number 500,630). This patent was filed in 1893 - while Tesla's earliest patent on the Tesla Coil, "System of Electric Lighting" (number 454,622) was filed in 1891. Nice try.
They are definitely correct, however, in saying that many parts of Tesla's history has been overly-dramatized. For instance, there is a claim that Tesla's remote controlled boat used a primitive form of voice recognition to take spoken commands from his audience. Obviously, it didn't, and the patents show nothing of the like.
Do the other claims on their website have any merit?



9 years ago

tesla most definitely invented the modern american AC electrical distribution system as we know it today. He was also an incredible inventer, understanding things in great detail seldom seen.  He also invented the AC-driven electrical motor. Others had tried, but their motors relied on parts that would actually make physical contact, and would soon be destroyed by friction. Tesla's motor was remarkable in that all the power transmitted into rotation was transmitted merely through rotating magnetic fields, or so I read. The man was a genius, and eccentric too. Look up his colorado springs notes. He has some incredible stories in them.


9 years ago

A worthwhile topic, Tesla's works are often over-hyped, but beneath the fun and cool-arcing you have some useful stuff.
Separating the truly-useful like AC electricity from the "fun" requires some intellect, let's face it: back then if you're a pioneer people would give you money to play with wacky-stuff you could do wacky-cool-stuff.
A great mind and a real contributor to the modern-world, but what he produced that was good has been used - there are no unlocked-secrets that no one has bothered to unlock or The Man has managed to suppress for 60 years+...



Reply 9 years ago

Lol, "the Man," I love that expression.
And yes, all of Tesla's important inventions have already been discovered, but that wasn't my point in publishing this. The website link in the topic says that Tesla didn't invent the things that supposedly came from the "fun stuff" he did. I wanted the Instructable community's opinion on this.
So what do you think?