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The Ultimate Man Laptop Case (While going green!) Answered

Hey everyone, I recently just had the idea of making the ultimate man laptop case, and once i get some $$$, it will be put into affect.

Its body will be made out of a harbor frieght tools case (metal), gonna cut out the front and reinforce with wood, then goes on (2) 6v solar cells. Behind on the inside there will be foam surrounding the DC Volt reader, and if i can manage, two cheap portable speakers that i have that run off a USB cable/aux. They can easily be converted though. Im going to cut out a slot for my SSD to be placed as well as some headphones if theres room.

On the bottom part, im going to send those wires to the power controller for the /solar/ and the /battery/ which will be a 12v Gel RC Car battery (long ones that are fairly big). After that comes the DC-AC inverter which will be disected to save space and the plugs will be movable. SPDT switch comes next to switch from 12v to the 5v USB hub thats gonna be installed.

Foam will encase everything, then im throwing some .25 aluminum sheeting on top for a nice finished look. This whole project should run me about $350 or so.

I realize this case might be heavy, but I think once most of the parts have been sheded of there cases then I think it might be a little lighter. Going to overheat and/or short circuit something? I plan on making a channel for each seperate item in the foam, and throwing 2 USB fans on them.

Any help would be greatley appricated with this project :)



7 years ago

The best laptop case I have had was an old Samsonite hard-walled briefcase that I bought at a charity store for 3$ and gutted, then lined with foam. It had plenty of room for cables, laptop stand, mouse, even my external hard drive. I had to get a new key made for the lock but that wasn't too hard or expensive. I even was able to spray-paint it with badass designs. I would recommend that.


7 years ago

You should add casters (wheels) and a retractable handle to it.