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The best way to destroy a treehouse? Answered

Ok, basically, these guys claimed to have part-built our treehouse. We are 100% certain that they didn't, our neighbour helpfully pointed a cctv camera at it, and has been there since it's initial frame construction.

Now, they won't let us in our tree house... they've padlocked it...

It's on private land, our neighbours who likes us (me and mates, he doesn't mind us there...)

Our parents have spoken to theirs, and they said to our parents that they don't give a sh** about our treeshack.

It is between our three yards, mine (counts as me + friends), neighbour (owner), gits who took it over...

The only way to end this, as we have thought, is to end it.

We want to get it gone quickly, so as not to attract attention while we're there.

We have a garage full of airsoft pyrotechnics and fireworks.

Our neighbour doesn't mind us there with pyro's either...

Our plan:

Pop smoke all around perimiter, especially near camera so as to frame them....

fill a cardboard box with fireforks (roman candles and rockets) and fill with cotton wool...

Light 1 via fuse leaning out of box. It's a 10 sec fuse, so we can jump from ladder and run...


Turn up 3 mins later to hopefully see the 'owners' and be like "what the hell did you do??"

There are MANY problems with this...

1) tree damage


3)police / fire service attention

4)parents 0_o

5)them killing us (not literally...)


Is this theasable? should we just saw it in half?

How can we get rid of it??

Thanks for anything, and don't call us terrorists :p



9 years ago

you could always hit the padlock with a hammer if you want to get in and mess it Up for them  or just steal everything in there?
hit all the wooden panels with an axe and have dents in them.
or... if your reall yconfident that you are on the Good side and your nabour really cares you could get the police involved but... thats probably not a very good idea


9 years ago

Since the treehouse is on someone Else's property, neither one of you has any rights to it.  No matter who built it.  So neither group has the right to use it or destroy it.

If you built it without his permission then you were trespassing.  He may not complaining about it because he doesn't want to start any trouble.  I doubt that he really doesn't care if you built it on his property since he is liable legally if anyone gets hurt anywhere on his property.

If he gave one of you permission to build it then whoever had permission should have the rights to it regardless of who built it.

In closing, "Hey you kids, get off my lawn!".


9 years ago

You say the treehouse is on a good neighbour's property? Can you get him to mediate?
Whatever you do, make sure no one is there when you try to destroy the treehouse. Don't hurt anyone or set yourselves on fire or something, it's not worth it.


9 years ago

blow it up smash a hole in the wood and chuck some rockets or somet init wha sort of explosives you got? black powder will go up with a bang or take some sledgehammers to it but i dont take any responsibilty for what you do


9 years ago

petrol + match = solution!