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The circuit doesn't work now that it is sewn on the shirt.? Answered

I have checked for shorts. I found one between + and A4, fixed that. My reset button was getting super hot before I fixed that short.
Under Tools, the COM port was not found. So I updated the installed drivers: Now they are Arduino AVR Boards 1.6.3, Arduino SAMD boards 1.6.19 and Adafruit SAMD boards 1.2.7. Then I closed the Arduino IDE and reopened it. Now the COM port is visible under Tools, but when I upload the sketch, it says it cannot find the COM port. After a while, the COM port says not just the number, but the Adafruit Lilypad USB name. The sketch uploads. Yay! But the resistance outputs only intermittently. I get maybe 3 to 6 readings when I push reset, and then it stops. I hate this kind of problem! I will add photos after I flounder a little longer...