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The end of the energy crisis? Answered


This is the wikipedia page to a cold fusion (low temperature fusion) device that uses powdered nickel as fuel to produce free energy... It's supposed to be totally eco-friendly and it's planned to be sold out as commercial cold fusion device. Just thought to share this with others on Instructables. I like it and am looking forward to seeing this in my hands when it's made commercial. How about you?



7 years ago

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8 years ago

I don't know about the significance to the demonstration. But I sure would like to find out how events will turn out to be with the power plant that they will build in Greece... That will allegedly be built there... Who knows, time will tell!


8 years ago

Looks like a nice magic trick- producing a rabbit from a hat, only in this case the "rabbit" is large amounts of energy and the hat is a small box. I have doubts about cold fusion, though I don't write it off, so I'll wait until it's been examined a bit more closely by independent experts before I draw any real conclusion.


Reply 8 years ago

Is there any significance to this being demonstrated in balogna?