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The kind of content to post Answered

I am trying to find out a little more information before I post something. The site doesn't seem to have a page telling what it's all about.

Do you have to post about something you made by hand?
For example, our company helps customers design woven labels for clothing.
So, can I give examples and step by step instructions about  how to design a woven label? Ultimately, they'd have to order the labels with us after they design them.
Would that be viewed as poor taste, like we are trying to promote our website?
If you want to see what I'm talking about, you can always review the site and see if it qualifies




7 years ago

I think it all depends on your presentation. In your two paragraphs, you've managed to link to your website twice. If you keep that track record up in an instructable, you're not going to make people happy.

Also, would I be able to recreate what you're doing at home, or would I need to go to a few craft stores first and purchase a few thousand dollars worth of merchandise and tools?

If you're talking about creating a step by step instruction for something that anyone can do, I think it's possible to pull off in a non-poor taste way.

If you're interested, I would be happy to try to work with you to figure out a good way to post this type of thing.


Reply 7 years ago

Well, They can do all the designing at home, but for the final step, they would either need to use us or to make a bit of an investment. So if a post like that would make people mad, then I guess I'll shy away from it. Thanks for letting me know before I went ahead an did it.


7 years ago

That's borderline spam, I guess, unless they could use the designs in some other way as well.

Or maybe you could offer a significant discount to people who bought from you after using the instructable?