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The living cube bed storage Answered

I am looking to see if anyone has or has built one of the "Living Cube" bed/storage spaces. I am considering building one but this is a big project for me and I am limited with skill. If anyone has any tips or advice it would be greatly appreciated.


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6 years ago

I built my bed to have good storage under it but nowhere close to this project.

Some tips I can give you from my building experience:

If it is for a permanent solution I suggest to use wood glue and proper screws in pre drilled holes to have a good guide.

I wanted to be able to take it apart very easy if I have to and used furniture connectors instead.

They have a "barrel with a thread and a long screw. The barrel goes into a big hole in one wall, the srew all the way through the connecting wall and into the barrel.

Can't find any pics online at the moment but you find them in any good hardware store.

They offer really strong connections witout the risk of breaking out of the wood, downside is that you need to be fairly accurate with your drilling and measurements for the holes.

For stability reasons the back wall should be either solid or have wire tensioners going arcross from one corner to the other.

The shelfs can be made the traditional way with the push in plugs to hold the shelf.

In the middle, where you see the short lengths of shelf it is an additional support to prevent warping / bending of the long boards holding the bed frame.

It is pretty straight forward and far less complicated than it looks but be aware that you need a lot of wood for it.

For projects like this it can help to make a design in 123D or with cardboard in a 1:10 or 1:20 scale.

Just easier to get the right measurements and to see if all fits together as intended.