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The massivly long details for Chromehounds: Tribute Edition Answered

Unless you've seen my original post, go to https://www.instructables.com/community/Chromehounds-shall-rise-again-at-least-I-hope-/
These are my basic ( and many ideas about the game)
IDEA 1 : Rebuild:::
    I will probably start with this then move to idea 2, or I could base the project on the original and release the beta, then I'll add an expansion to include the original tutorial missions in the final.
IDEA 2: Sequeal:::
   This would be based 20 years after the Neroimus Wars, about 2040 (something like that, still working on it). Rafzakael has stopped operations leaving mercenaries scattered throughout the region. The peace that lasted after the wars was short lived, due to imperialistic moves by all three nations. The second Neroimus War starts after Morskovian forces attack a Sal Kar Village and a Tarakian patrol receives an incorrect order and destroys a Morskovian patrol. New advances in technology allows hounds to be stronger, take more damage, but these changes are countered by even more powerful weapons.
- Unidentified Weapons (M99, MSK-X0, Ghalib) can end up on the same battlefield and are a tad more common. (still once per war)
- Experimental weapons will actually work
- In ranked matches it's possible to lose parts (up for debate)
- That stupid news feature it shows at the beginning will be accessible only through a menu.
- Some current day weapons (Railguns, guided missiles, etc. But these will be limited by extreme weight, power, and cool-down time).
- Some requested parts (TBD (to be determined))
- "Modded" parts (trade offs on certain parts; higher power for more heat, or more damage for less range and such)
- Preserves tactical feel and maybe some HUD modifications
- PC only for the time being. It's a major pain to get stuff on the Xbox.
- A website where people can share their hound set ups and download them to the game.
- New stat system for hounds and parts.
- Multiplayer (can't give many details yet, probably LAN at first, but I'll see what I can do with UDK)
- Variable weather on some maps
- Also some new multiplayer maps.
- Maps will still be basic to help out lower powered computers
- Low spec mode will be able to be used.
- A Java based utility app will be included(includes squad rankings, scores, parts that you have, also includes a builder so you can build hounds while the battle is finishing).
- Online sync for parts so cheaters can't get free parts.
- Possibly some kind of tournament that's run (maybe ever 2-3 months, to be voted)
- "Death Cam" lets you watch your allies while your dead, rather than running around with a useless assault rifle.
- Other ideas/ concepts can be requested and voted on, and any of these ideas can be voted on also.

That's about all I have for now, it will be about march when I release the final (sooner if I can get community help).

Help wanted::
- Screenshots
- 3-d models
- Voices
- Sounds
- Maps (made in UDK please)
- Ideas/ concepts
- Storyline
- Practically anything else attributed to the game.
- http://chromehounds.addicted-gamer.com/ (great for part/ game info)
- http://chromehoundste.blogspot.com/ The main site for now.
- http://www.indiedb.com/members/nerdman234 Secondary site for updates
- http://www.westwindpmc.net/forums/viewforum.php?f=5 Yet another site I post on.
Whew.... /rant

Chromehounds is not my original idea, Sega and From Software created it. I am merely recreating it.


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