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The most crazy/difficult Ubuntu 10.10 / XP problem... who's up for the challenge? Answered


Brace yourself.

Background Details:
-Dell 8600 Inspiron Laptop
 -40 GB HD
-512MB RAM
-Dual Boots Ubuntu 10.10/Windows XP
Ubuntu Partition = 10 GB, Windows = 30 GB

Heres the problem:
XP has started to get chronic BSODs. Its bad. And its slow. On the flip side, Ubuntu is the opposite.

Heres what I want to do:

1.) Delete XP and convert the HD to an Ubuntu only drive.... How do I repartition it/do this at all? 
2.) HOWEVER, I have some expensive programs on the XP partition that I would like to save... such as the entire adobe suite, the entire office suite, etc... How would I transfer these programs to the Ubuntu partition? I can't reinstall them because I don't have the disks... they have to be transfered some how.
3.) AND I have several programs that won't install on XP because it gets the BSOD's before it finishes installing them.... how can I install these on Ubuntu? I have heard some stuff about Wine 1.2, but I haven't looked into it too much. I want an opinion first...

Any advice, comments, words of wisdom, etc would be appreciated....

Thank you.


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9 years ago

Transferring Windows programs "to the Ubuntu partition" will preserve the files but leave you unable to execute them, unless you set up a copy of Windows running under a Virtual Machine to run them with. A few programs will run with WINE, which is a thin windows emulator layer rather than a full VM, but don't assume anything will -- find out before you commit to it.

I would strongly recommend you get everything running under Ubuntu first, *then* think about repartitioning. If you don't have space enough to do so, get an in-place reformatter (there are several; I last used Partition Magic but that was years ago) and use it to swipe some space from Windows and hand it over to the Linux system.

Before you do anything else, of course, PULL COMPLETE BACKUPS OF BOTH OPERATING SYSTEMS. Otherwise you risk losing everything.

For what it's worth, the machine I'm typing this on is running XP and hasn't had a BSOD in about eight years. But I'm careful about what I install on it. You may be able to solve your BSOD problem by uninstalling questionable device drivers and other low-level add-ons until it runs happily again.


Answer 9 years ago

I should add that I have two other machines running Red Hat for work, and another XP machine which I plan to switch over to some flavor of Linux Fairly Soon Now.


9 years ago

1) Hmm... I'd think you'd need to connect the hard drives externally to a second computer to do the repartitioning. I'm sure there are quite a few programs that can do this. Macs even have a built-in program called Disk Utility

2) This is actually quite easy, but it might be a bit time consuming. Get out a writing pad, and write down each program's name, than the serial code. Then, deactivate the software. (Google is your friend on how to do this.) After repartitioning and everything, download the programs on to Linux, use WIne if needed (see #3), and put the serial code back in.

3) Wine is a program installed on Linux which pretty much lays out the framework of windows, so that you can run .exe files, files meant to be run on windows, on your Linux machine. I haven't really used Wine myself that much, although I can say that I've heard many, many good things about it.

Good Luck!