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The new me Answered

It's been a toughweek for me, people. School started a week ago and something strange happened. Friends have been abandoning me one by one, and everyone acted soulless in front of me. It seemed like everyone was unhappy with somehing. Then i started to realize that everyone was unhappy with me.  This morning, i received messages from my friends saying why they hate me. Apparently i was an arrogant little ****. My friends were trying to deal with my arrogance for too long, and they couldn't take it anymore. I then logged on to instructables, yet having more controversy on my 'ibles. If you want to know why i am arrogant, I was considered to be a 'perfect kid'. I have a 3.8 gpa in high school now, and i am taking 4 AP classes, and one honors. I also made varsity tennis and JV basketball in freshman year, so i was considered good at sports (not bragging). I also won 3 karate sparring tournaments, which raised my self confidence even more higher, to the point where i almost became a kanye west duplicate. I was incredibly egotistical and happy with my self, because i was good at almost everything. I felt as though i was on top of everyone else, and i have always tried to maintain that position. But that happiness vanished during this week. Even in my first couple of 'ibles, i was overhappy and arrogant, and i used to demand respect and recognition. But i later realized that this wasn't right. I have made my mistakes of being an arrogant D-bag, and i am introducing the new me: a still happy person who doesn't cross the line towards arrogance.

Everyone has done bad things and made mistakes. If you haven't done bad things, you are a liar. Ask yourself this: How many times have you cheated on anything? Did you steal from anyone (even something worth a penny)? How many times have you lied to anyone? How many times have you broken the rules of your household, school, or anywhere else? There are many questions i can ask, but i will stop right here. We all make mistakes, but you are a good person as long as you LEARN from your mistake. I have learned from my bad things i have done in the past. I will be more mature and still maintain above a 3.8 gpa and still do my sports, but i will change my attitude and i won't be so arrogant and immature. This is a new me.



6 years ago

You're really lucky. Most of us are not blessed with the combination of athleticism and intelligence that you seem to have. But I'll agree that anyone so blessed that acts like they are at all better than the worst athlete or "dumbest kid in math" will lose my respect. Just as learning any skill, you can practice being good with people.

Take a genuine interest in other people. Especially those that struggle in anything you excel at. Be nice - but sincere. People might admire someone else for their skills. (Computer hacking skills, nun-chuck skills...) But they will truly like them for their personality.

You're young and have lots of time to change your ways. But going through life arrogant about anything is not a path to happiness!


Reply 6 years ago

Thanks. I took interest in many people already. For those who struggle in math or sports, ask me "How do you get 100s?" "How do you get into varsity?" I can see the jealousy in their eyes. But instead of ignoring those people, i help them out to become better at math, sports, or anything else now. I've lost my arrogance, and i decided to help others who struggle

That's alright bro, it really doesn't matter (meaning that it is no big deal).

Some of the stuff you said up there makes me thankful that I am homeschooled (yes, it is one word). None of my friends would ever put me into this situation: "This morning, i received messages from my friends saying why they hate me..." because they are all under the jurisdiction of their parents, and thus, they act more mature.

As long as you understand that you are not "all that" (none of us are), you will be a VERY decent kind a person... taking one thing with another. =D