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The new upgrade (opinions and bugs) Answered

I just logged in again since the site maintenance. First impression is I don't like it. This is mostly opinion and a few observations of the changes: The You heading at the top of the page is ...out of place looking. Most all websites on the net where you log in show your username when you're logged in. I really feel its a much more powerful feature to have the username. i.e. when ebay switched to 'my ebay' they put a link to your profile as your username at the top. On the 'You' page - my instructables don't show up and I'm prompted with 'post your first instructable', despite my having 2. I can still view mine via search, but they do not show up in my account. When on an instructable the text wraps funny while mousing over the stars to rate - it overlaps the frame. The new orange seems different, is it darker? feels drab - could be me though. The removed ability to access a menu or directly (quickly) click through to 'recent' kinda bugs me - I like to see all the new stuff FIRST, before going to the viral-ly popular featured and high ranked ibles.


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