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The proper circuit for ultrasonic transmitters? Answered


I am new with ultrasonic sensor related works. This time i am going to use ultrasonic transducers which are not ultrasonic sensors(with board module) that people use.

I have there transducers named v33an16t and arduino uno module. So i need a proper circuit to connect these transmitters to the arduino module.

I can find many circuits from google but i need the proper one to save my time.

Because my purpose is to design machine learning method using the transmitters. And the reason why i did not buy ultrasonic module is that i would increase the number of transmitters like an array. Also shape of the array may be changed depending on my research.

So to save my time by avoiding building various of circuits i need your help to build the proper circuit.

I appreciate any comment.


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1 year ago

I would have opted then for some easy to obtain transducer that has proper datasheets, schematics and biscic circuits for it available.
Buy a 3 cent piece from China and unless you are fluent in Chinese you are lost.


Reply 1 year ago

im not fluent in english so i dont understand what u meant above.