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The save button in deactivated in Acura 15.04.6 Answered

I am trying to export a G-Code from Acura

I noticed when I loaded the file, starts processing and at some point it stops. I can see the support material did not finish processing and the top portion is not complete.

Then I make changes to the settings I increased the height of the layer and reduced the density.

In other words is a lighter density overall. If i decrease this a lot, Then the software manages to finish the set up proces and the save button comback active to export Gcode.

Seems like the large data of the higer density settings runs out of Disk space to create the cash.

Does anyone know how can I fix this problem?

I remember when I work in Adobe after effects editing videos, the software ask me to reserve a dedicated folder with an specific disk space just for cash, when this folder is full, the software ask you to empty the temporary cash files to make more disk space for more projects.

Does anyone know how i fix the space disk or what ever i need to do to allow the software to finish procesing with higher density?

Please help

You can email me to gamelicruz@gmail.com



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