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The ultimate challenge? Answered

There are always good contests available for those keen on competing, but what about a real challenge that might run for many months?

I am talking about rediscovering ancient technologies and ways of creating things.
We have a lot of evidence that is in massive contrast to what archeologists want to make us believe.
Be it the way the pyramids were build or just in what timeframe, the use of technologies thought to be impossible at that time or just the knowledge of things like star constellations that are not not visisble to the naked eye.
In a lot of areas it seems not only archeologists but also some "secret powers" try to put a hold on discovering what was really possible thausands or maybe even millions of years ago.
Things like the knowledge of distand star systems that are invisible to the naked eye might never find a suitable explanation.
But what about tools and technologies used to create stonework that is hard if not impossible to create with our modern tools and technologies?

I dare everyone to participate in the impossible!
We know thausands of years ago milling, drilling, machining and lathe work was done but we have no real clue how it was done.
At times when the rest of human kind was happy using stone tools and otherwise just hunt and gather for food some areas saw an explosion in technology.
Within less than a few hundert years some builders in Egypt went from simple and explainable works to stuff impossible to do in today times.
Same for India, the UK and the american continent.
No hardend steel tools were ever found, no machines, no evidence on the how to, just the perfect work.
Here is the challenge I propose:

Come up with:
1. A way to cut or drill granite and harder rocks without modern tools or tech and still do it faster and more accurate.
2. A way to match hard rocks to each other with a precision down to less than a mm - as shown in many ancient buildings preferably on a big scale.
3. A way to create delicate carvings in hard rocks, things like hollow heads less than 5cm in size or cravings with spaces of less than 3mm wide and several cm deep - as shown in many India sculptures.
4. A way to build a lathe capable or turning several tons of steel with an accuracy better than half a mm and without electrical or combustion engines.
5. A feasable way to transport and accurately position several tons of stone - again without electricity or combustion engines.
6. A way to create sculptures with an accuracy shown by the ancient Egyptian ones, meaning perfection...
7. .... I could go on but I guess you get the picture ;)

The solutions could be as simple as using sound and vibration or as complicated as finding a way to create tools hard and durable enough to proove the archeologists are right after all.
And before you cry out that it is impossible:
Consider the evidence!
We know it was done but we don't know how, so let's show the world how we at Instructables solve the problems noone can explain ;)
I can't offer any real contest, prices or such but maybe someone is reading this and willing to provide the base and soem prices?


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