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The winners for the Steal Public Art challenge have been announced! Answered

The winners of 123D's Steal Public Art challenge have been chosen!
Check out the winners - lots of great catches. :D
(psssst - are you a winner? check your messages on the 123D Gallery to find out how to claim your prize!)

Grand prize winner -
they win a Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D Digital Camera and a 3D print!

Newport Dragon by RTegelbeckers

Runner up winners, listed in alphabetical order -
they win a free 3D print!

Frogner Park Oslo Norway by Wayne Trout
Hercules 3 by Patrick Leschinski
Hon Non Bo in San Diego by Jonathan Brady
Love_Indiana by Aleksei Sebastiani
marble bust by Boris Gunalli
Pair Of Buddhist Monks by Liz neely
Resting Lion by rushiraj parikh
Statue of liberty by Andr Vellwock
The Shaking Man by Daniel Moos
Wood man with road by Jason Eaton
(photos in the same order)

And don't forget to check out everyone that entered! You can view the full gallery here.


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8 years ago

Nice. The dragon is near perfect, great stuff. Hope you do more of these - I may not be able to catch public art to save myself, but I tried a smaller-scale catch and it worked really well.


8 years ago

Ah, this was an Autodesk challenge that you put up. Didn't recognize any of the winners.


Reply 8 years ago

It was announced here as well.