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There's a pinout for a Grundig LC 400 camcorder DC-IN connector? Answered

Good morning  at all, I've found a Grunding camcorder (model LC 400) that works, but I've no battery charger or DC cable: before open the camera and try to understand the power schematics (and make some BIG disaster...), sombody have the connector's pinout / model / schematics? The connector's shape is like a small 12 V Molex and on the camera's bottom there's a label with operative voltage: 6 V DC or 4.8 V (battery).

Thank you very much, Mattia.


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

Best Answer 9 years ago

I keep finding references to a manual, but cannot find an online copy of the manual itself.  Maybe those schaltungsdienst guys have it?

"LC 400 C", "72010 515 9000", "Service Manual"



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Pinouts.ru was no help either, this time.