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Thermochromic pigment - black - yellow - blue, 80cents aud per gram 20g/$16 and more Answered

Hi, im starting over on ebay again selling thermochromic pigments among other things, but for some reason now my stuff doesnt appear on international sites/searches so, ebay is only really working out for me within australia, so ill just post some links here.


Thats my ebay listings, i sell thermochromic pigments in various colors, all changing at 31 celcius or body temp, all priced at 80 cents per gram (which is quite cheap, i dont turn a huge profit), i also have photochromic pigments in magenta/red and yellow, really bright really long lasting glow in the dark pigment (strontium aluminate or similar), soon ill be listing chameleon pigment once i paint a working demo, and also electroluminescent phosphor pigment, same deal, once i can show a demo.

Also soon ill be selling moderate and very high powered spark gap ignitors, 5v ones arcing continuously 20mm, 30-80kv, and 15v ones which do some 7-10cm or more.

Anyone interested can contact me over ebay, or instructables id rather do business directly through paypal than on ebay.
Also im looking to collect bitcoins if anyone has any of those they want to buy in.

I offer bulk rates for anything and everything i sell so just ask.


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