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These are the part that I salvaged from a broken I Home. I was wondering if you knew or had a resource that would explain to me how to control them? Answered

I think I would be able to make something cool from them if I was to figure out how they worked 


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8 years ago

I can help with a few of them...
The speakers are speakers. If you we're to supply a current to the two wires, you would (maybe) hear a soft tap, but of you supply a series of electrical pulses, you would get sound. When there is less time between pulses, the pitch will get higher, more time, and it will get lower.
Then there's the big LCD. If you could identify it, you might be able to find an arduino library for it, but don't count on it.
Those batteries could be used to power something.
I may be able to identify and explain more if you maybe said where you got some of them.