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They say we should use Tor With a VPN for strong Anonymity is it really helpful ? Answered

If we first Turn One Hotspot shield VPN and then opn tor browser then what will be the path of traffic when leaving my Computer?

What i am already Assuming:

Data will be encrypted first and reach to VPN server that will then forward the request to first tor relay and then to second and third then coming back in same way ?



3 years ago

The question is not can a code be broken the question is how long will it take. You have to think appropriately.

Enigma was a very strong mechanical code and eventually broken because the users often used the same format for their reports giving clues. In the end a machine was built, one of the first computers, to break it regularly.

Computers have come a long way since then!. Nothing is unbreakable or un-hackable if enough effort is put into to it. Don't believe everything you see in films.

If I want to know what your sending out badly enough all I need to know is where you live. The rest is simple breaking and entering.

Alternatively I can just bribe a member of your group.


3 years ago

How is "they"?
What is the purpose, where is the context?

You post total nonsense that has no context.
I also fail to understan your question, so you might want to ask "them" first, so "they" can explain "their" suggestion.