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Thingiverse vs I'bles: Whats good with these pictures, and what's not...? Answered

Last Sunday, I posted my very first Instructable involving 3D printing. On Monday evening (yesterday), I also posted a very brief version of the I'ble on Thingiverse. The good thing for me was that the projects got featured on both I'bles and Thingiverse.

What's not so good (according to me) is the viewcount: The project attracts more visitors on Thingiverse than on Instructables, where I'bles is the bigger website in visitor numbers by far. And the project was published on I'bles first and only a full day later on Thingiverse.

I'm thinking that I'm doing something wrong in presenting my project on Instructables. Or is Instructables just not big on 3D printing yet? That can't be right :-). The project gets lost between so many other projects? But even then, 680 views for a featured I'ble is really low...)

A penny for your thoughts!

Thanks, Ynze



6 years ago

What Kiteman says rings true. I would suggest that it may help to direct traffic one way or the other. Toss a link to your instructable project on thingiverse or vise versa to get some traffic flow.


6 years ago

It's probably down to equipment.

Most users of instructables are not here for the 3d printing, they're here for the muffins, bacon and K'NEX. There are even members who actively avoid projects that are 3d printed, laser cut etc, because they do not have the equipment to recreate the project themselves.

However, 3d printing is the whole point of Thingiverse, so, even if the membership is smaller, a much larger proportion of them will want to know about your project.