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Things I should have made an instructable out of : #1 "The Downhill Joystick" Answered

It was my 4th semester electric engineering and my team and I got a little carried away with this (originally) simple project

You see, we were supposed to design and build some sort of hardware peripheral that used the PC's parallel port for I/O...But as any decent "game programming" electric engineer we thought: "Now what's the fun in that"
So we twisted the project's concept a bit and winded up with an Analog/Digital Joystick controller ISA card and a Downhill Racer Car Joystick ("force feedback" enabled)

Project Results:
+ We placed 4th best project that year in the department of electric engineering =]
+ The whole thing got torn apart cause it was too big....
+ The ISA card was mis-shipped to the wrong state and was never seen again...

I`m still trying to find the schematics for the ISA board...


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