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Things to do with C Batteries? Answered

for a while my wife had to use this special medical machine that ran on c batteries.  every week the hospital would send us a box batteries even tho they were lasting about a month.  We kept telling them that we didn't need more but they said that they were required to send them anyway.  Now that she's off the machine I have all these batteries and nothing that uses them.  Everything that i've found on Amazon is very expensive.    I'm into woodworking and no absolutely nothing about electrical stuff or I'd design something myself.   

anybody have any cool projects using c batteries?

as one project idea, I have several of these lantern flashlights that run on d's.  it would be cool to convert those to run on c's.



8 years ago

D cells are 34.2 mm x 61.5mm, and C cells are 26.2 mm x 50mm, so all you need to do to run the lanterns off C cells is to pad the battery compartment slightly to take up the difference in diameter, and insert a pad of screwed-up aluminium foil to fill in the gap between the cell and the contacts.

In fact, depending on the torches, some of the contact springs might be long enough to reach the C cells without padding.


Reply 8 years ago

I'm gonna give this a shot tonight. My daughter is camping this weekend. it would be nice to not have to buy all these d batteries when I have so many c's.