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Things to do with LCD backlight guide plate and polarisation films? Answered

I received about 15 damaged laptop screens and took them apart to get the CCFLs and inverters which I'll combine into a modest spotlight for video recording. From each laptop I also gained some films and the light guide panel. I believe one of the films from each is just a simple diffuser whilst the other two appear to also be blurry polarisers. Finally, each screen has an acrylic light guide which refracts the light 90° and does so evenly by having some kind of bumps or dots spaced out according to the "diffusion equation" so there are more further away from the source of light (which comes from the side). 

Any ideas for what I might use these films and plates? I do have a lamp project for which I can use the diffusion film but the polarising films would probably absorb too much of the light.



2 years ago

I used the diffusers to diffuse the light for SpectrumLED (I've taken apart quite a few laptops, so I have many different kinds: color/amount of diffusion, etc...). I throw the polarizing filters away, but keep the acrylic - on laptops it's "wedge" shaped, and I guess that's what it could be used for, but on many monitors, it's the same thickness all around, and I think it could be useful for a project sometime.

Please post an Instructable on spotlight that you're going to make!