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ThinkGeek is looking for an Electrical Engineer Prototype Wizard Answered

Become part of a dynamic group at ThinkGeek developing custom manufactured retail products. Your primary job will be to design and create electronics prototypes for possible future ThinkGeek products. We're looking for someone who can take a feasible concept and prototype a functional (though perhaps not beautiful) model in circuit board form. Have your own electronics based ideas to add to the ThinkGeek swirling maelstrom of custom product awesomeness? This is a big plus.

In a nutshell, we're looking for someone who understands geek culture, loves to create interesting and amazing circuits and can thrive in a dynamic non-structured work environment.If building is in your blood and you want to help ThinkGeek create the coolest most unique geeky products around, then we have a great job for you!
Please Keep in Mind!We have specific requirements for people applying for the Electrical Engineer Prototype Wizard position. Please read the How To Apply section below to make sure you apply correctly or your application will not be considered.

You Should Have:
- College degree or equivalentExpert experience designing and prototyping electronics for toys and gadgets from scratch
- Be able to interface electronics via USB, be a wizard at ArduinoKnowledge and understanding of Bluetooth/WiFi interfaces is a plus
- Highly detail oriented and organizedStrong understanding of technical capabilities of consumer products and pricing
- Understanding of product style and ergonomicsKeen familiarity with popular tech culture (gaming, science, computers, internet culture, etc.)
- Independently motivated with a strong work ethicExcellent person-to-person, communication & written skills
- Travel abroad 2-3 times/year (China/Hong Kong/Japan)Strong spreadsheet and word processing skills.
- Strong computer and internet use skills.Team oriented personality with only occasional bouts of solipsism.
- Ability to grok ThinkGeek.An appreciation for Star Wars, good beer, robots, monkeys and sushi is a plus.

This position is on site in our Fairfax, Virginia office only. No outsourcing or freelance positions for this job will be considered. Not even you Gandalf.

Strongly Desired:
- Experience building mechanical gadgets or other items besides circuitsProficiency with Adobe Illustrator
- Great ideas for new electronics based products
- A pet monkey... (although he may only visit the office on Sundays)

How To Apply:
ThinkGeek is a small, close-knit group of fun, weird, and enthusiastic people who run one of the most successful niche eCommerce sites on the Internets (IR #232). As part of Geeknet, a publicly held company, ThinkGeek employees receive an excellent benefits package while enjoying the fun of working in an exciting start-up environment in our Fairfax, Virginia office. Please note, this posting is for a permanent, full time position in our Fairfax, Virginia office. Only local applicants or those willing to relocate will be considered. No outsourcing or freelance positions for this job will be considered. Thanks for asking!

In addition to your cover letter, resume and salary requirements please complete the following simple assignment. Failure to include everything, including the assignment will cause your application to not be considered. (no hard feelings, but we need to make sure you really want the job... ok?) Also, just a heads up that if we do decide to interview you we'll expect you to show up with some examples of circuit-based projects you've done in the past... gotcha?

Electrical Engineer Prototype Wizard Assignment
Please submit a list of at least six previous electronics projects you have created in the past. For each one include the following information:

- Name of project
- Photo of project or video link if available
- What does this item do?
- What is the most notable aspect of this item?
- What technology was used to create this item?
- Specifically what did YOU personally create on this item?

This assignment can be part of your resume or cover letter. You can do it as plain text, PDF, or HTML. Photos can be embedded or links. We're not picky, just get it in there where we can see it. Please note that this assignment is at-will and we will not provide any monetary or other compensation to you for completing it.




6 years ago

man i need to go to college. I'm a geek at heart but don't have any credentials :(


8 years ago

Virginia? Darn, that looks exciting.

SHIFT!The Ideanator

Reply 8 years ago

I wish Instructables had a "Like" action for comments.

The IdeanatorSHIFT!

Reply 8 years ago

I disagree, saying "+1" has always been favored by us long time members over copying off of facebook (or other places that copied off of facebook, or even where facebook copied the idea from)

Lithium RainThe Ideanator

Reply 8 years ago

I liked Zach's comment rater script. Too bad it doesn't work anymore. :( A Reddit-like voting system would also be nifty.


8 years ago

How come Gandalf cant join and monkeys can only visit sundays this is just plain nerdist.


8 years ago

Oh, this sounds so perfect... shame I live so very far away!