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Thinkpad Question Answered

Hey guys, I just re-installed my thinkpad r51, and I've been having all sorts of problems installing the drivers. I have a video driver finally from windows update but the actual driver package I got of the site for it still doesn't want to install. My wireless won't install either. Lenovo offers 3 different drivers for my particular model and I've tried all three, the first two said they were installing it, but nothing happened, third one installed and it worked as far as the installation but for whatever reason it got very very very slow like there was some dead device holding my computer up. As soon as I uninstalled it, it was fine again, and no I could not manage to even try the wifi because it was so slow, got the window open a few times but it crashed. I have no bloody idea! I've already reinstalled this machine and everything was fine, and all the driver packages installed not a problem. I definatly need the driver for my wireless and the video driver will be helpful so I can control the outputs (seeing as it's a laptop with 3 diff video outputS)


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