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This Instructable should be fully reviewed and possibly removed, as should the author Answered

I am surprised that this is a featured instructable
your team should review the instructable and consider removing it


First, it involves the use of chemicals that can be very dangerous to the persons and the environment.
The author provides no instruction on how to protect either

Second, at some point in the comment section a reader points out that the process is incomplete.
He does so in a very matter of fact way.  The author accuses the reader of attacking him and publishes the reader's name, the name's of his parents, the readers phone number and his address. Wait What!?!  Seriously, IMHO this should get the author banished from Instructables.

Thirds, Further down in the comments someone from "Africa" (not a Nigerian prince) makes a post stating that he represents a group selling gold bars in bulk for cash and provides information on how to contact him to make a purchase.

At this point I stopped reading.  I have been a subscriber of Instructables for some time now.  I love the information, creativity and passion to build that it inspires.  However, the fact that this particular Instructable has been FEATURED worries me that the community managers are not properly reviewing the articles that they are using to promote this community.



3 years ago

Thank you for raising your concerns about this project - it is through the continued vigilance of the members that the overall quality and veracity of our content is maintained.

If you feel that a project needs to be removed more quickly than the normal flagging process involves, a forum topic will not achieve that - you need to email your concerns to service@instructables.com, or contact a member of staff or the Community Team by PM.

In this case, though, your concerns are unfounded or have already been addressed:

Projects that appear in the newsletter are largely chosen on the basis of the traffic they receive in the days or hours before the newsletter is sent. In this case, that means that somebody searched for gold extraction, then shared the link and drove traffic to it.

Your safety concerns are addressed in the project by the author, but it should be noted that it is impossible to by the chemicals used without being confronted by many warnings as to the dangers involved. Anybody unaware of the dangers must have deliberately ignored the large warnings involved.

As for the comments, somebody appears to have taken action, and the ones you mention are not visible.

The author has a long and respected record on the site - he joined just a few weeks after you did, four years ago, and has published over sixty projects, more than a third of which have been Featured by Instructables staff or the Community Team, and you can be confident in the quality of his work.


3 years ago

first of all the instructable was published in 2013

he did say "Apply all safety gear correctly before working with chemicals and do this outside as the fumes are nasty."

he also said "Although no special skills are needed one should follow all chemical and heat safety procedures."

yes, he shouldn't have posted all that stuff about the reader

and the thing about the african commenter the author is not responsible for spammers


Reply 3 years ago

Yes, it was published in 2013, but it was on TODAY'S featured Instructables email.


3 years ago

When you see innapropriate comments or instructables simply flag them for what they are and move on.