This person seems to have stolen other people's Lego work images. Answered

I need some help. I don't think this person did this Instructable legit. This person's "Instructable" can be seen HERE.

Here are links to the original creators: Here, here, here, and this one I don't know exactly who made them, but the original images are here. (Scroll down to see.)

I am kinda mad right now since I thought he did these legit at first, but then figured out he didn't. Anyhoo I hope people don't believe that he is the actual creator.




3 years ago

Your first link does not seem to be working right now.

Firstly, you need to remember that there are member who post their work in more than one place, using more than one screen name, or other sites can copy work seen here and present it as their own, making the original look like a copy (this has happened to me).

However, for issues like this, there are several options you can try, depending on your mood:

> Leave a comment questioning the origin of the project, including a link to the original work, and then flag your own comment as inappropriate, so that admins read it.

> Send a polite PM to the author, to check whether the work is actually theirs.

> Send a note to the original author, with a link to the "copied" work.

> Drop an email to, asking the admins to take a look. Don't forget to include links to both the original and the copy.

I have talked to this user once in a while and he's responded to my comments on other topics, but every time I ask him about this he ignores me.


3 years ago

Seems to be just another teenager playing the copycat...

But as these topics keep re-appearing I do have to wonder why Instructables does not perform an image search when pics are uploaded....
I know there are plenty of excuses why not, but at least as many on the why...


3 years ago

I'd recommend e-mailing directly to <service (at)>.