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Thoughts for a fan for venting a homemade 3D printer enclosure? Answered

Hello all,

I'm in the early stages of building my own enclosure for my 3D printer. I'm going the route of building it using Ikea Lack tables.

I'd very much like to put in a fan to vent the fumes from printing out the window via a hose. Originally, I was going to use a USB fan, but I'm starting to wonder if that will move enough air to make any difference. I was going to go with USB because I have no electrical work skills.

I'm curious if any of you have thoughts, or have already come up with solutions for this. I'd be interested to hear any suggestions or advice anyone has.




2 years ago

A simple muffin fan cost ~$10 on amazon or ebay. However, do your research since pushing/pulling air through the enclosure might affect print quality. Our lab printer is currently getting an enclosure to PREVENT direct airflow from the building air conditioning.


2 years ago

Get a cheap radial fan, the longer the better as it moves more air.
They are basically silint compared to normal fans and deliver a much higher airflow.
Some are available in "slim line".
Just check some old and big fan heaters or tower fans for scrap ;)


Reply 2 years ago

The more airflow the better, unless you're using a filament that needs to be in a heated enclosure, and kept and a specific tempereature while the print is going!

Heated bed too?

Something like that...