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Three contests starting Monday, 4/8 - Candy, Beauty and Dream It, Draw It, Wear It! Answered

Click through to each page to learn more about the prizes. Get to brainstorming! :D

Beauty Contest:
We want to see your best homemade bath and body products, nail art tutorials, hair styling tips and tricks, makeup tutorials and more. Show us your most glamorous and gorgeous tutorials for your chance to win some amazing products from Sephora, Buxom and Soap & Glory.

Special Judges' Prizes will be awarded for the Best Nail Art Tutorial and the Best Makeup Tutorial, as well!

Candy Contest:
Share your favorite recipes or candy decorating ideas for your chance to win your own personal cotton candy machine along with supplies to make plenty of sugary treats for you and all your friends.

Dream It, Draw It, Wear It!:
We're teaming up the award-winning application Autodesk SketchBook, and the pithy design house Betabrand for a fashion design contest. Betabrand loves a piece of clothing with a story, so think fashion meets functionality. Create an Instructable documenting your process and clothing design from start to finish. You're welcome to using any drawing tools you like- but we're giving away a special prize for entries created in Autodesk SketchBook. We've provided a basic clothing template for modification, but feel free to make your creation from scratch.


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