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Throwies reimagined - Really I did tried :) :| :/ Answered

Seeing other forms of making interactive throwies, eg using microchips impresses me.

However i think it is important that we try parts of the B.E.A.M philosophy

Namely keeping things simple, and avoiding the use of microprocessor.

The component of a interactive throwie is that it has
1. Power storage
2. Trigger
3. Circuit
4. LED
5. (optional) Power collection of radiant energy.

I like to see more suggestion on ways we can address each issues.
But to kick start the issue, can you see if my idea is feasible.

essentially for my prototype not-yet throwie, I used a circuit from


to create a throwie that on sensing motion, doesn't flicker but turns on for a while.

By ensuring that i use few and simple componants, i hope to keep cost per throwing down.
Unfortunately my problem is that using a resistor to keep the capacitor from draining too fast from the base, actually decreases the voltage drop to an unacceptable level at the led.

On my end it is unsolvable for the moment. Maybe you can work out how to make a cheap throwie, that can still do these functions or more.

Any ideas how to solve this?

Other Ideas for throwies

1.Open and attach a switch to a barometer, to have a air presser passive trigger.

2. A leave shaped pad with two conductors that do not touch, to act as rain sensors. (Resistance increase when leaf dries)

3. Is sensitive to infrared radiation from side, so that the throwie is trigger-able by other activated throwies. (As well infrared devices)

4. Has a short loop of coil to recharged capacitors, by outside induction.

5. If activated rarely, uses a tiny single solar cell to charge capacitor.

6. Has a hook to be easily collected for recycling. (Using a simple loop of wire on a pole [Like a dog catcher pole] )

7. A single thermistors in series with led.

8. A tricolour LED, and a Two light resistor. One LDR acts to sense if it is day an night, if night a low power light is activated. Only when an object strays near, and reflect light into another LDR, does the throwie get triggered at all.

9. A throwie triggered by vibration.

10. A throwie that responds to radio waves.


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akimbo m
akimbo m

13 years ago

Any one got suggestions?