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Thumbnails and Previews for Attached Gerber Files Answered

It would be really nice to automatically create thumbnail images and renderings of gerber files attached to electronics projects (e.g. output from EAGLE, Pads, OrCAD, etc.). And, I can help make it happen.

I would be happy to hook-up Instructables with my website's API for generating renderings of gerbers. Have a look at http://www.circuitpeople.com to judge its capabilities. Behind the web UI, I have a SOAP API available for "side-loading" files, and I host the images (but you're free to copy and save them), so it should be zero-overhead for Instructables.com's servers.

He's a sample: http://www.circuitpeople.com/ViewPackage.aspx?id=7c92e072-fe08-4522-8b47-f7d2c898368c

Drop me a line if this sounds good. I'm sure the readers (and authors) would enjoy it.



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