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Timer for turning camera off at night Answered

Hello. I have made a solar panel-powered bird box camera, and need a way to switch it off at night.

The 5W/12v solar panel feeds to a rechargeable 12v battery. The 12v battery feeds to a voltage regulator, which then feeds on to a 9v infra-red camera. This set up works well, but the camera is running 24 hours a day. This is draining the battery unnecessarily at night.
Does anyone know if there is something I could make or buy, that would stop power from going to the camera from 10pm to 6am ?

Thanks for your help.


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6 years ago

Either use a little time or the solar cell itself for the switching.

A transistor driven by the solar cell will be active as long as the cell provides eneregy enough, when it goes dark the transistor switches off.

Simply use the transistor as a "switch" for the light.


Reply 6 years ago

Thanks for reply. The transistor sounds like it should do the trick. I'll look into this.

Cheers! :)