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Timestamps and where replies end up, is there a fix coming? Answered

I think I've asked this before but anyway....
Take a look here as a recent example:


At the time of posting this the list showed the last comment was made 33 minutes ago.
When I check the topic it starts with 4 entries being 6 years old.
Than one 38 minutes ago followed by an endless list of year old replies and a reply that is 42 minutes old.

I do understand that it is vital to make a reply to a specific comment but I fail to see the logic behind the sorting.
Even when making a direct reply to the topic it often ends up far behind older ones for no reason that I can see.
The longer (or older) a topic becomes the harder it is to actually follow what is going on in there and to find those replies that are relevant to something.
This can be found in many topics where replies that are months old are followed by those that are a few days or hours old, often completely destroying any relation to another.
I see no sorting options for this...
Quite a few replies get lost this way as not everyone is checking long topics for every reply, trying to find out what was posted when.
To put it simple: It is chaotic...

Is there any chance to see something done about it in the near future?
Something simple like:
You make a new comment and it goes on top of the list, you reply to another comment and it is quoted and also goes to the top of the list.
This way one could see what is new and what reply is related to another reply.
I might be spoiled by forums but certainly you can improve here !?


The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.

6 years ago

I think most of what you're referring to is due to "sticky" comments and replies to those comments. If the author features a comment, it stays at the top of the list no matter how old it is. In addition, when someone replies to a comment, the comment they are replying to will appear above it along with every other reply to the same comment regardless of time. This way, it can be easier to follow a conversation though not always.


6 years ago

I just looked at that forum topic, and the timestamps all seem fine?


Reply 6 years ago

The timestamps yes, but not their sort order.

In basically all longer topics I check I find a mix in the posting times.

First reply to see let's say 2 years old, next few in the same range, then one from just a few minutes ago followed by something much older.

Please check the screenshots from the Clinic and upcoming contests as an example.

But I have also seen topics being "bumped up" by a new reply only to find this new reply far down the page between much older postings.

For me it is quite hard to sort through this especially if there are a lot of direct replies.

Like in the last screen shot from the Soda bottle pressure test.
If it is just me than I will have to check my browsers but I get the same results in Firefox and Chrome, don't like testing IE as I can't stand it.

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