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Tim's Cybot conversion to Arduino NANO Answered

Hi all.

I'm doing a new project.

Dug out my Cybot. The one built on a fortnightly issue of Real Robots back in 2001.

I decided to convert it to use the Arduino NANO. With Bluetooth and Infrared Control.

I haven't finished it yet, so I haven't done an instruction here, I thought I would wait until I have finished the project before doing that.

However, as it's quite a lengthy project, I have started a blog on my google+. Which I am updating as I progress with the project.

Here is the link: Tim's Cybot conversion to Arduino NANO Blog.

Before I started I had a search on the net to see if anyone else had done this, but all I found was basic stuff controlling the drive motors.

Currently I have done a rough sketch (some fine tuning still needs to be done) for it that lets you:

Control it via bluetooth,

Set it in line follow mode,

Set it in light follow mode,

Set it in avoidance mode


Control it with an Infrared Remote.

I'm sure there is still a lot of these Cybots out there, so i thought their may be some interest.




Reply 2 years ago

I like it, it's a nice little project.(If I was starting from scratch)


Reply 2 years ago

the activity Dizzy does is the interesting part, you could incorporate it into the Cybot.