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Tin Foil Solar Panels? Answered

I am looking to output electricity from a solar panel made of tin foil. I don't mind how small the voltage is for, with enough time, I can make a massive amount of them and create the needed voltage.

Is it even possible? I want to try using just basic materials like tin foil, cardboard, wire, tape, etc. etc. All replies are appreciated!



8 years ago

Have a look at solar batteries rather than solar cells.

There's a DIY-feasible project on Scitoys.

The Skinnerz

8 years ago

In theory, yes, when photons with enough energy hit the surface of a metal, electrons are released, causing a current to flow. In that sort of photoelectric cell, there is a large foil surface on the inside of a vacuum tube, with a fine wire in the centre to pick up the electrons.

Even the professionally designed and manufactured photoelectric cell that my schools physics department has only outputs fractions of a micro-Amp under direct illumination from a 40W bulb.

If you can get sensitive enough equipment, it could be interesting to see if you can get any output from a home-made cell, though it will not even come close to lighting an LED.

Other than that, you can look up what they put in normal solar panels, and see if similar substances can be easily sourced/made.