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Ting is thrilled to partner with Instructables for the 2016 Halloween Decor Contest! Answered

Here at Ting, we've been huge fans of Instructables for years. We actually covered the Instructables app last January as part of our featured “ App of the Week" YouTube video series, and many of us in the Tucows office (parent company of Ting) use Instructables all the time! Ting has been involved in the DIY community for awhile now, partnering with sites like Adafruit in the past, so we thought it was finally time to host a contest with Instructables.

Instructables users are a great fit for Ting because, as a DIY-er, you like to be in control. Ting gives you complete control over your account, your usage and ultimately, your monthly bill. With Ting you don't pick a plan - how you use your phone determines what you pay each month. Use less? Pay less. Every month is different.

Use the instructables.ting.com promo link when signing up to get $25 in account credit if you bring over your own phone or $25 off a new phone from the Ting Shop. The average bill per phone on Ting is just $23 a month, meaning your promotional credit will likely cover your first month's bill!

If you'd like an unbiased opinion, feel free to check out the Ting subreddit and ask real customers their thoughts on using Ting for their mobile service. If you have any specific questions, feel free to shoot me an email: jesse(at)ting(dot)com

Thanks again to Instructables for getting us on board and good luck with the contest! We can't wait to see your awesome creations :)


Jesse from the Ting team


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4 years ago

Glad to see Ting supporting DIY-ers on Instructables. I was one of Tucows' fans in the 90s when internet was still pricey in my country. Now Ting is serving more speed with less price, that is awesome for DIY-ers sharing more information on Instructables :D