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Tinkercad Judges' Prizes Answered

So I was just wondering, how are the Tinkercad Prize winners selected? Are they chosen before, after, or at the same time as the other finalists? Are they chosen the same way?

Let's say I entered a project that uses Tinkercad and I end up being selected as a finalist and end as a finalist, recieving an Instructables Prize Pack as a reward. But technically speaking, as long as I qualified, if I had been selected for the Tinkercad Judges' Prize instead, I could've gotten something much better.

Or let's say I made an outstanding Tinkercad project and could potentially win the Grand Prize, but instead get chosen for the Judges' prize because I was one of the best Tinkercad entries. Still awesome, but not nearly as awesome as the Grand Prize.

If a project excels in both the contest's category and does a great job using Tinkercad, what decides where they end up being put?

Is it possible that using Tinkercad could actually limit your chances at the Grand Prize?

How's this work? Anyone have any idea?

Thanks in advance,

A befuddled idiot =P


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