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Tinkerdays 2012 | DIY | prototyping an arduino wall plotter Answered

Tinkerdays 2012 | a 60 hour prototyping event

Already the second day of tinkering and we are starting to make progress on our current project, "the hemiphterograaf".
We are creating a wall plotter / printer based on the kritzler schematics.

Check http://tinkerdays.wordpress.com to keep yourself updated, join the conversation, tell us what you want us to improve and let us know if you think we should write an extensive tutorial.

Today will be exiting.
- With the use of thermoplastics (beats lego & meccano for certain applications) we will tinker the pen holder.
- install the arduino blue tooth shield
- update the testcode to synch the steppermotors
- complete the stand on which we will secure the steppermotors (which hold the penholder via thread)
- install the stepper motor pulleys (and pray they work, if it does, it deserves its own tutorial, more on this later)

current state: we'll continue the day at 24/07/2012 | 12:30 GMT


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