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Tiny portable printer - Will pay Answered

Hello everyone.

I need someone to come up with the plans or the finished product of a really small portable printer around the size of a Galaxy SII (or iPhone) but twice the height (thickness) at most.

It must be able to print on a strip of paper about 2-6cm wide.
It must be able to print a dot-matrix like text.
The size of the text must be somewhat adjustable.
It must print ASCII characters and maybe some symbols.
The line of text to be printed will look like this: ID0001||25AUG{}12:55

No need for paper feeding or anything. It should operate like: place the paper in the tray, press a button/buttons, remove the paper.

The ink should last for at least ten prints before replacing and the device must have a rechargeable battery.

I would prefer if you make an instructable out of it as well but it is not mandatory.

If you can deliver kindly send me a private message here with your offer.